Industrious Beaver Builds Dam Wherever He Finds Convenient

Published October 10, 2018 2,263 Views $30.29 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsTemporarily inside because he's a baby, JB the licensed educational ambassador practices his dam-building skills with whatever he can find. He is NOT a pet, but a permanent education animal with licensed rehabbers.

This is really adorable. This little beaver is running all over the house finding things he can use to build his dam. This is a natural instinct that a beaver will feel like they have to do. Natural instincts are hard, sometimes nearly impossible, to overcome, deny, or refrain. This is especially true when you’re talking about wild and nondomestic animals. This cutie is getting everything he can find, including paper, shoes, toys, bags, etc.

Part way through, he finds his favorite toy and gets temporarily distracted. This toy is a ball with a rope attached together. Eventually, after rolling it around for a moment, he takes it to the dam he is building. The person filming says that the dam has been moved, so apparently this little guy is still trying to find the perfect place to put and build his dam. It looks like he has chosen the site between rooms where there is located a small staircase to place his dam.

Probably the cutest part of this entire video though, is when he approaches his human foster parent. He reaches up for attention from them, and it is just absolutely adorable. The viewer can see his long nails as he reaches up. These long nails would more than likely be a tad bit intimidating for most people, but obviously JB’s foster family is not at all phased. They chuckle as they watch him scurrying around the house trying to find the perfect objects to add to his collection in building his ideal dam in whatever part of the house he wants to build it in.

They have extensive experience and training caring for animals like this, thankfully for the beaver. They have obviously grown close to their new house mate. Eventually, the beaver will more than likely be released back into the wild to go and live his life however he sees fit and chooses. In the meantime, he seems to have found a great family to spend his days with. They are providing him with plenty of free reign to run and build dams and exercise. He is also privy to all of the fresh foods and appropriate dietary necessities that he could ever want or need, so he is definitely somewhere safe with people who care about his true well-being.

The world needs more people like this family to help care for abandoned baby animals who would otherwise not have much of a chance at all at surviving. We are thankful to these people for taking in JB and giving him such a wonderfully safe place to grow. Hopefully, there will be more videos made in the future to give JB’s fans an update as to how he is doing. We all would definitely love to see what he is up to and how he is developing and growing!

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