Adorable Moment Father Pranks Daughter

Published October 9, 2018 28,191 Plays $21.35 earned

Rumble / PranksAhh, memories… Remember when you were a little tot and your aunt thought to record you dancing in nothing but diapers? It is the greatest family story when you gather round for Christmas. Whether we love them or hate them, memories are here to stay, forever, probably even after that. We know it might sound ominous, but it isn’t all that bad. Just remember that someone, somewhere is thinking about what you did when you were little and your antics plaster a wistful smile on their faces. Now, this footage that occurred on September 24, 2018 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, will definitely make you smile!

The father of this little girl, definitely has a peculiar sense of humor. Not everyone would find it funny, but we are laughing nonetheless. It looks like the funny bone runs in the family since this following trick was something he learned from his father. He pretended to show his daughter a trick and spilled some water on the ground, next to her sitting place. He gave her a fork in one hand, while he held a towel in his hands. When the moment came for the big revelation, the big meany actually threw the towel in her face and dragged her hiney through the pool of water, then ran away from the scene of the crime. Luckily the mother was there to film it all on her phone because the look on the little girl’s face is priceless. This is what the licensor had to say about the whole situation: "One night before bed, my husband decided to play a prank on my daughter that his dad played on him when he was a kid. Luckily, I had my phone in my hand and decided to videotape the prank. I had no idea what the prank was going to be, and I was just a surprised as she was! Our hearts were moved that she didn't want to stab him, with the fork, for fear of hurting him, and she decided to hit him with it instead. I never saw it coming that he would pull her through the puddle of water to wipe it up! It was hysterical! Her reaction was priceless; 'Seriously?!' Joy was abundant in our house and was evident by the laughter of a good, wholesome, harmless prank! We've enjoyed watching other families prank their children and share their videos as well!"

Hopefully, a few years later, once the memory of the awkwardness fades away, she might even look at this video with fondness and even show it to her own children and grandchildren to make them show their pearly whites. She might even keep up with the legacy and perform this prank on her own children. Who knows?!

Just when you think that little kids can’t get even more adorable, these kinds of things happen. They have this canny ability to sense when we need a bit of a pick me up, so they do the best thing that they know how to do - they grace us with their presence and suddenly the whole day is better. Their innocent antics and brutal honesty has been the reason behind our smiles ever since the beginning of time.