Parrot Sings A Beautiful Duet With Its Human

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIf you are one of those who think you have a great and fun pet at home, possibly seeing this video you will feel a little jealousy and envy since not everyone is lucky enough to make a beautiful duet with their pet. This peculiar Lorito sings in unison with its owner and it delights us with its high-pitched soprano tones.

This beautiful bird called Polly Rhythm lives up to its name because it has the rhythm in its veins and feathers. The truth is that this parrot is a fan of music and of course, most of all, it wants to sing a duet with Susan its owner, and both of them are lovers of classical music and opera, so their afternoons are filled with incredible and beautiful melodies. How great!

But how is it that these birds manage to sing like a human? The answer is simple, it is a set of qualities that parrots have that make emulate sounds very similar to human language - firstly they have a membrane called siringe (which would be the larynx in the case of human anatomy) and this membrane allows the parrot to sing two sounds simultaneously. Although other birds also have this membrane, which differentiates the parrots from the rest and allows them to "speak", they also have a long tongue that makes it easy to reproduce sounds and voices that they listen to on a regular basis.

So you could say that these incredible animals have the peculiarity of emitting sounds so similar to human language that we could swear they speak when in fact what they do is imitate and duplicate sounds that they hear frequently. That is why people who have these birds as pets feel so identical to humans and create a close bond with them, since they regularly say the names of the members of the family, the most frequent phrases used at home and even the favorite songs of their owners as in the case of Polly Rhythm.

What is certain and undeniable is that Polly the parrot is very talented and not only for perfectly interpreting a song but also for maintaining a proper intonation, precise rhythm and definitely shines with the performance and does not steal the role of the soprano Susan Go Duo!

We are sure that after seeing this clip you will want to immediately have a beautiful parrot as a pet and to be able to teach you great things like jokes or beautiful songs and thus be able to show off to your friends and family and boas how great, entertaining, fun and incredibly talented they can be.

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