Puppy At Pet Store Thinks Rocking Horse Is Real

Published October 9, 2018 30,803 Plays $22.40 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe have all heard the saying “like a kid in a candy store” Well this video footage shows a “puppy in a pet store” and it is adorable to watch as she chooses a toy rocking horse to play with in front of all of the customers! When the rocking horse starts moving all on its own, the puppy freaks out and thinks it is a real horse. Watch as she tries to get it to play with her right in the middle of the pet store!

When twelve week old Taz the Pit Bull puppy went to the pet store for the first time, she was mesmerized by the row of stuffed rocking horses lined up in the middle of the aisle. As soon as she walked into the door, she went straight to them like she was expecting them to be there. With all of the toys and treats hanging on the shelves, these rocking horses were her favourite! Watch as Taz goes at them, giving them a nudge and watching them rock back and forth. The pup bounces around, trying to figure out just how they are moving all on their own! Thinking they are real little horses, she begins jumping around playing an adorable game.

With all of the smells all around her and many other dogs walking with their owners, Taz has no interest in anything else at all. Her attention is focused only on the miniature furry horses rocking back and forth in the middle of the store every time she touches them. She steps on the wooden bottom rocker to jar the horse into action, than takes a crouching position, ready to attack when needed. As soon as the stuffed horse springs back towards her, Taz starts leaping around and barking in the most hilarious fashion. She even stops for a moment with big eyes and a tilted head to examine the horse and try to figure out how it works before bouncing around again, yipping at it!

This Pit Bull puppy sure is a ball of energy and loves to play with other animals. It is no surprise that with all the toys to choose from, she picks another animal to romp with in the pet store. We hope that her owner brought the furry rocking horse home for Taz to play with since she obviously loves it so much!

Puppies are a lot like babies. They are still learning what is real and what isn’t. They are very curious about the world around them and they want to touch and examine everything they can just to figure it all out! When this puppy just tapped the rocking horse into action, her curiosity got the best of her and she just had to go back for more! She really is like a kid in a candy store, full of amazement and excitement! Her energy is adorable, watching her bouncing around the stuffed rocking horse thinking that it is a real new friend! These two could spend many long hours playing together!