Man Gets Reunited With His Dog After Three Years

5 years ago

You’ve probably heard the old saying, ‘dogs have no concept of time’. Some people believe that a dog can’t discern a minute from an hour, but this just isn’t true. Dogs simply remember differently than humans. If you’ve been gone for more than a day, expect a much happier reunion, than if you’d just stepped out for a couple hours.

Dogs are gifted creatures, able to catalog a myriad of scents and recognize faces. Imagine a situation where a man finds his long lost dog and the moment he calls the dog’s name, we can see that not only the dog recognized his owner but it couldn’t be more delighted that they got reunited after such a long time. The dog’s name is Jorge and when it hears its name, Jorge starts whimpering, yelping, wagging its tail out of pure happiness and gratitude. It doesn’t know how to react out of love, Jorge is so glad that it sees its owner that it starts jumping all over him. This affection is a testament to the dogs’ incredible ability to recognize their master. Thanks to the canines’ olfactory memory, they remember scents long after they have been exposed to them, so they are able to associate him with his smell.

This is what the video description says: "62-year-old Giorgi Bereziani lost his beloved dog named Jorge in 2015. All this time since then, he was trying to find his beloved companion. He was putting up ads, combing the streets, but all without success. Three years later, the workers of an opera house called the desperate man and said that a dog, looking like his dog, was walking near their building. Giorgi immediately went to the scene.

He saw a black and white dog near a tree and called its name. The dog rose to its feet and wagged its tail. Sniffing at the owner, George's dog threw his front paws at him and began to whimper, as if in disbelief. "Jorge, is that you?" George Jorge, it's you! Oh, dear boy, how are you, boy? ”Giorgi says, beside himself with excitement. Giorgi noticed a yellow tag on the dog's ear, which meant that the dog was taken from the streets by animal control workers, but it was considered harmless to society, so the dog was vaccinated and released."

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Since this dog haven’t seen his master for a certain period of time, it displays a real love in this heartwarming reunion. Jorge’s excitement is equal to the amount of time that his master spent away. Jorge can’t have enough of him as it is all over him. The pooch jumps on him, ecstatic to be in that blissful reunion. It hops around its keeper like little bunnies hop around their mother and is so delighted of the mere sighting of him.

Dog’s love is undoubtedly true love. Dogs know how to cherish the person responsible for them and can show genuine fondness. These creatures certainly know how to express their gratitude, too and they do it in the most loving way possible.

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