Guilty Husky Jumps Onto A Couch Totally Ignoring Its Owner

Published October 9, 2018 21,071 Plays $20.28 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt is so funny to see how pets react to different situations. Pets are often the stars of many cute videos on the Internet and they are always sure source of entertainment. You can spend hours and hours looking at cute animal videos. The most common household pets are dogs, which are very loyal companions. Dogs are the most popular household pets due to their energy, their loyalty, and cuteness. There are so many different breeds of dogs that can fit your exact personality and needs. There are friendly dogs that are good with children, energetic dogs good for being out and about, protective dogs used for hunting, and many more.

Most of the amazing videos seen online are all about the cute, funny, or amazing things dogs do. They never cease to surprise us with all they can do. Many of the reasons why they are appealing and why we love them boils down to how amazing animals these animals can be acting and behaving like humans. Whether it’s a video of a dog smiling because it is excited, looking sad because it is being scolded, or even howling to try and talk. This video is no different. This video is all about the actions of a guilty husky who is being scolded by her owner. It is amazing to see how this cute husky responds to the scolding!

The cute husky in this video was caught doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. Damsel the husky, is now being scolded by her owner. As she sits next to her human dad, the mother continues to call out the dog’s name. Usually when saying a dog’s name repeatedly, it would turn towards you, but Damsel knows she’s in trouble. As her name is called out, the dog stays looking forward and away from the owner calling her name out. You can see Damsel’s eyes kind of peering towards her owner but her head is still staying away. Damsel is looking mighty guilty! Huskies can be known for being mischievous, so it looks like Damsel was up to no good!

You can see Damsel’s ear perk up as the woman clears her throat, calls her name, and makes noises to get her attention. Damsel can definitely hear what is going on but doesn’t want to face the punishment! At one point her human dad she is sitting next to, asks if she is ignoring her mother. After being called again, Damsel sees this as an opportunity to crawl under her dad’s arm to protect her from trouble. Damsel is probably thinking that if she shields herself she won’t be in trouble or maybe if she looks sad enough she’ll escape punishment. It is very cute seeing her crawl under his arm for safety! The man even laughs about how funny his dog is behaving as she lays there looking up at him. She looks as if she had the “help me” look on her face so she doesn’t get in any trouble! Damsel was probably punished but hopefully the mom wasn’t too mad because she knows that she has an adorable husky! Hopefully Damsel learned her lesson and won’t be ignoring anyone anytime soon!