Kid Hilariously Runs Into Oven With Box Over His Head

Published October 9, 2018 12,207 Plays $5.09 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsAside from pets and animals, cute kids might have some of the most popular online videos. Just like watching animal videos, watching one little cute kid video can send you into a rabbit hole of hours of videos. Kids are so cute, they can basically get away with anything and pretty much everything they do is considered cute.

They sure like to take advantage of the fact that everyone thinks they are cute, because they seem to cause a lot of havoc and trouble. They must know that in a few years it won’t be cute anymore! Things they used to do that people thought were cute or funny, will just be looked at as rude, troublesome, or immature. It is best they get out all the mischievous acts they can while people still find it cute!

This video is a prime example of the things that kids can do that are cute. In a few years, this little boy won’t be doing this anymore. If he did he would probably get in trouble and scolded, but for now it is very cute and funny. This could also be very dangerous so this definitely shouldn’t be done at all. Since the boy is perfectly fine though, this video is very cute and very funny. The young boy starts out in his kitchen and he picks up a medium sized box and puts it over his head. This is already funny because seeing his little body with a box head looks hilarious.

The box is slightly off centered and hanging over his head as he wobbles around. He begins to walk and run around with the box covering his head and he is loving it. He can’t see a thing and is stumbling everywhere. The laughter from the camera woman definitely encourages him and that causes him to laugh more. As he is running around in circles he heads straight for the oven!
He runs right into the closed oven door and falls to the ground.

The woman is laughing as is the boy and he is having such a fun time. Obviously, as stated earlier no kids should be running around like this because of how dangerous it could be. Never know how injured he could have gotten while running into things. As he fell to the ground you can see the big smile on him and he probably saw the big smile on the woman. He decided to put the box back on his head and give it another go. Kids love to entertain and if they see something work once they will continuously try it over and over again.

This is the reason why kids love peek-a-boo so much and they never get tired of it! Since it got so much laughter the first time, he might as well continue doing it! As it runs around some more, the young boy gets tired and eventually just falls to the floor. He definitely got tired out and needs a rest now! The boy is definitely an energetic one and loves entertaining!