Baby Can't Stop Laughing When Dad Arrives Home

5 years ago

Elijah's reaction to his dad coming home is hilarious and sweet at the same time. The relationship between a father and son is just as strong as any other relationship. The father gets the joy of raising a young man that he will be proud of for a lifetime. Elijah gets to grow up knowing that his dad loves him and supports him throughout his life. The relationship between this father and his son is clearly a close one that most kids do not get to experience.

It is heartwarming to witness a video of the relationship between these two. This video is only a glimpse into their lives but here it is clear that this son believes that dad is a superhero as does the son. The dad goes as far as to act as though the son has superpowers by using his hand to knock him back from the window. While too many people, this is a form of love. This dad clearly believes his son can do anything he sets his mind to. If only a few other kids could experience this belief from their fathers and mothers.

Most often fathers and mothers find themselves being so tired after a hard day’s work and want to simply relax and tell their kids to go to their rooms or put them off while trying to prepare for the next day. However, this father shows he is excited to see his son. To an older version of this young son, that may not understand the value of this relationship quite yet, he would be envied by other sons.

This father enjoys seeing his son smile and hearing his laugh. It goes as far as to act like he is going to fall onto the ground, just to make him smile and laugh. The kisses through the window remind us to stop and express the love we have for others through physical expression.

The mom that is clearly recording this video has to be overwhelmed with emotions to watch a loving relationship grow between her son and the man of her dreams. The comfortable she must feel to have a partner that equally tries to be a part of this child’s life. Single parents long for these moments. Things moments are worth stopping for because they remind us that the world is a good place with love that conquers all. The dad is uninhibited to show his love which pulls on your heartstrings.

Thank you to this dad for showing other dads that parents can take less than a minute of the day to make your kids smile. Kids typically do not remember what all you purchased for them but they certainly remember how parents made them feel throughout their childhood. Be mindful that young children need nurturing, love, and support in the things they do and experience in their daily lives. It is imperative that parents also take time for themselves in order to happily provide their kids with moments like this for the other “Elijah’s” in the world.

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