Dog's Majestic Flowing Hair Resembles A Shampoo Commercial

Published October 9, 2018 190 Plays $0.27 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWho doesn’t love a good hair day? This puppy is an epitome of flawless hair. Ha Ha!

This video features a really adorable dog trying to act all cool about the fact that he might have just gotten a fancy hair spa and now he is getting his hair blow dried. Wow! And he might actually have better hair than we do! That’s a shame on us.

The clip is about a white furry dog getting blow dried and the long waves of hair moving like feathers. They seem lighter than air and softer than silk. We are not even kidding. That is like many girls’ dream hair. The volume of it. Oh my god. What kind of volumizer does he use? Incredible. He is blessed with that beauty you say?! Marvelous!

Floki, our star in this footage is trying to flaunt his hair and the video is in slow motion making the whole deal utterly cute and irresistible. He knows he is being video shot, the reason being, his poses. Yes, you heard us right! He is posing with utter confidence in the video and that’s why we like to call him a star. He knows what he is doing. He could absolutely be a dog model and great one at that!

Dog model? Is that even a thing, you ask? Yes of course! Dogs are great models. They can ramp walk, pose for pictures and flaunt their hair better than people in shampoo commercials. Maybe he is shooting for a shampoo commercial, now that we think of it. We mean the way he is trying to move and the camera man is making sure of focusing on the highlight, that is his flawless hair, might as well make some money while at it! It would make a great shampoo commercial because we are sure people will buy it! We would most definitely buy the shampoo, or conditioner, or even a comb. We would buy anything if this cutie is selling it!

Dogs love getting pampered and we think that is no secret, they get their nails done, hair trimmed, shampooed and body moisturized! They probably have a facial regime that is better than ours. A ten step, scrub exfoliate, face wash with activated ingredients, followed by a cool face mask and finally toner with moisturizer to keep it shining. Yes, this dog probably does all that. We mean look at him, he is a star! And a really pampered one!

Now that we think of it, he might even style his hair sometimes. We mean curl it or give a dab of hair spray to make it stick in a particular fashion. Has he ever dyed his hair? We bet red would look bombastic on him because he is so beautiful! Do you guys think he is into hair coloring? Maybe a little bit of highlight? What do you guys think about pink color on him? Or is it something else that you’d like to see on this dog? Comment below and let us know!