Guinness Book Of Three Awesome Broken Records Of 2018

Published October 8, 2018 2,143 Plays

Rumble Each year, Guinness releases their wildly popular book of crazy and astonishing world records. And the records being broken keep getting more and more outlandish – like dogs doing the Double Dutch, and the oldest working DJ spinning music in the club. Last year, a record was set for 547 people all dressed up as Spiderman at a Comicon Convention in Sweden.

The records get even wilder and people will stop at nothing to get on this world renowned list! We rounded up some of the crazier Guinness World Records. Watch the video above to learn more!

Making it into the Guinness Book of World Records take brains, brawn and guts…we mean goats! Check out Ninja the small black and white goat. She holds the world record for the fastest time to climb over a human tunnel of 30 people by a goat. Who would have even thought that was a thing! Ninja accomplished her goal in just 9.40 seconds in Arizona in June of 2017. In this video, you will see Ninja the record holding goat run across 30 people’s backs as they kneel side by side in a line. Ninja’s owner April Gould says “I am so proud of her because she just follows instructions she’s cute.” April is the owner of Arizona goat yoga. She says that Ninja was already jumping all over people during yoga classes and this idea came one day when she saw the goat standing on one of her clients backs. April immediately thought “we can make something out of this!” When asked if all of this fame and fortune has gone to her head, Ninja replies with a small bleat and walks away. Now that is a Diva goat if we have seen one!

Spinning into the second spot is the world’s oldest professional Club DJ! By day, this 83 year old works in a restaurant. Come night time, she transforms into DJ Sumirock, all dressed in leather and lace, ready to set the club floor on fire! “I never imagined becoming a DJ at this age,” she says. “You are never too old to try something new.” “It is an honour to do this. Thank you very much.” She states, very grateful for the opportunity to stay young.

We are throwing caution to the wind with number three on the list ofthe craziest world records of 2018. The fast speed of a jet powered go kart makes the list. Tom Bodal of the UK says it was a bumpy road to jet powered glory! “Mainly things setting on fire, blowing up, exploding, things like that you know.” Tom recalls. The only thing he is burning up now is that World Record with more than 112 miles per hour in a jet powered go kart!

If you dream of being immortalized in a Guinness Book of World Records, April Gould has some great advice. “I would say just go for it, you know. It is fun to look at all the records in the book and say ‘I think I can do that!’”

Speeding, spinning and climbing into the record books are on the top of the list for the craziest world records broken in 2018!