Brave Pup Takes His Medicine Like A Champ

Published October 8, 2018 1,529 Plays $2.46 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesTommy the cocker spaniel, you are so impressive! Look at how obedient you are, to sit up when your mistress tells you it’s time for your medicine.

Uh oh, all is not well in paradise. It’s eardrop time, and now Tommy’s not so sure he wants to be a good dog. He grudgingly accepts the first drops, but soon the whole thing is souring on him. Tommy keeps ducking when the young lady tries to apply the dropper. It’s turning into a bit of a game, isn’t it? C’mon Tommy, please help out here!

He sure is a cute little fellow. It starts out great. His tail is wagging, and he stands right up on the arm rest of the sofa. Does he think he’s getting a treat? It’s coming out of the refrigerator, so of course it’s a treat. “Wait, what’re ya doing there? Treats don’t go in my ear!”

We don’t know if Tommy is being treated for an ear infection, or just a routine ear rinse. When his mistress takes the bottle out of the box, and shows it to Tommy, explaining why this is good for him, he turns his head as a conditioned response. This means Tommy either understands people talk, or, more likely, he has experienced this treatment before. We have to give Tommy credit for not running and hiding when it’s medicine time. He tries to be brave, offering one ear, but it’s just so darned uncomfortable.

The first drop goes fairly well. You would think she’s tortured me enough! But, no, now she wants to give it to me in my other ear, too.

“Hey, if you expect me to let you squirt that stuff in my ear, you’re gonna have to work for it.” Luckily, his head is near the corner of the sofa, where he can hide his ear. “Lady, I love you, but don’t expect me to make this easy for you.”

What a good owner she is, taking care of Tommy’s health concerns. Tommy isn’t just a fun pet; he’s a valued family member, too. He doesn’t get a scolding for his resistance, but is met with laughter. We’re sure this will all turn out OK for everybody, including Tommy. Sometimes families just have to take their medicine.

What the cocker spaniel has in its defense are its long, furry ears. Obviously it would be a lot harder for a short eared dog to hide from this kind of treatment. Look at that wavy, luscious golden fur. Tommy would make any dog owner proud to show off in the park or at the mall. But those long ears are also a favorable breeding environment for yeast and bacteria. Spaniel ears can get itchy and uncomfortable, causing them to shake their heads for relief. It may get worse if they start to scratch their ears, even to the point of crying out. Cocker spaniel ear infections may also emit a bad odor. So, kudos to this pet owner for taking her dog’s health concerns seriously, even if a little humorously.