Window Shopping Pup Stops At The Snack Store

Published October 7, 2018 2,515 Plays $2.01 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA four-years-old Jack Russell Terrier named Ari plops down at a snack shop and refuses to move until he gets a treat. Hilarious! This is such an adorable video. Jack Russell Terriers are known for being extremely inquisitive and energetic, and most of the time they get a wrap for being very impulsive and indecisive. However, this little cutie seems to be a little bit out of that typical mold. He is not insanely jumping around like many terriers are prone to do. He seems actually very well controlled and focused on what he wants. This could be because he is obviously taken on long walks quite often as it seems.

Many terrier owners want a mid-size dog that will be a family pet, but they do not necessarily have a lot of excess time to take the pup on extended walking trips. What does this lead to? A very hyper, uncontrolled, jumpy, and occasionally destructive pooch. However, this guy’s owner obviously knows that these breed of dogs need regular exercise, and she accommodates that need for him thankfully. We are sure that Ari is quite thankful for this as well.

After Ari has located the snack shop, he is very clear with what his exact wishes are. He sees the first window, and he knows immediately what it is. We wonder if this dog has been to this place before. It seems that he must have been or has had some sort of experience with this place in the past since he seems to know it so well right from the start. He walks a bit further, constantly gazing through the windows like a child looking into the windows of a candy store. Another window passes, and he reaches the front stairs to the store beside the glass door. Then the adorable pup does something that very few dogs have been seen doing. He actually sits down on the steps and refuses to move! This is absolutely precious, and it makes everyone smile. This is hilarious. When his owner tries to guide him away from the door, he does not even consider moving.

Now this is truly in the fashion of a Jack Russel Terrier. He knows what he wants, and he is headstrong. He will not move until he gets what he wants, which is this treat that he is dreaming of so vigorously. He does not even look at his owner hardly at all. He has his gaze absolutely fixed on this store. Finally, the owner asks him if he wants a treat. It seems that if she wants to even have a chance at getting this dog to walk on down the road or go home, she is going to have to cough up whatever it is going to take to get this little handsome man his much desired treat. With all of this, we do not get to see whether or not he actually gets his treat. However, we assume that he does get the happy ending he wants.