French Bulldog Is Afraid Of A Teddy Bear Because It Thinks It’s Real

Published October 7, 2018 4,122 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLet’s enjoy a lighthearted romp through the living room of simple minded Chewie, the French bulldog. Yes, French bulldogs, or Frenchies can be respectably refined dogs. Alas, they can also be clowns! This little performance is downright hilarious.

The Frenchie is an expensive breed, in part because they have difficulty reproducing without a little help from their human friends. While there may be many good reasons to choose a Frenchie as your family bestie, in this case it probably wasn’t due to Chewie’s intellectual capacity. On the other hand, we really don’t know how much of this display is just Chewie putting us on.

“I know it’s a toy. Blast it all, I’m only playing along because it makes her happy!”

You have to admit, an autonomous teddy bear would be a frightful sight, at first. It might even raise the hackles of many a human. But we grownups would control that initial panic attack. Not so the four legged canine wonder. This particular little guy just can’t seem to figure it out, as his mistress is repeatedly playing him for the fool. But what a fun loving fool!

Did you notice that Chewie doesn’t even bark through the entire fiasco? That’s one of the endearing traits of the Frenchie, that they make very little noise except under extraordinary circumstances. And just look at all the energy he’s expending. French bulldogs sure are a lot of fun, aren’t they?

What do you suppose would happen should his mistress accidentally leave Teddy out and unattended one day? Let’s say she has to step out of her home to talk with a neighbor, or go shopping:

“Hmmm…what do we have here? Ah, yes. I remember you. You don’t look so tough now. What’s the matter, cat got your tongue? Hahaha!”

And so it goes for a few minutes, before Chewie exercises poetic justice upon the poor plushy bear.

Enter his lady:

“Whhaaat happened! Chewie, come here boy. Did you do this?” she sternly asks, pointing to a grisly scene of brown polyester fur and white stuffing scattered hither, thither, and yon.

“Hmmm? What? Whachu talkin’ ‘bout?”

Of course, many modern breeds have crossed over to near human emotional capacity. Knowing full well who and what she’s talking about, Chewie is probably looking for an escape strategy right about now. It’s not going to work, as there’s really nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. All he can do is avoiding eye contact.

Well, let’s pull back from our little fantasy of what might be. It’s very possible that Chewie likes his stuffed teddy friend, and has played this game before. It’s fun to pretend to be naïve. It’s fun because it makes the family happy. We all have our little roles to play, don’t we? A little humiliating childishness is part of the social contract. Besides, “You should see the treats she gives me,” says Chewie.

As they say, it’s a dog’s life, and besides risking it all by putting yourself in harm’s way, should it ever come to that, all you really want from your pet French bulldog is a little down time.