Senior Dog Falls Asleep During Bath Time

Published October 6, 2018 12,613 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis adorable elderly dog is totally relaxed during a refreshing bath. How cute! The dog's eye hardly open as he is clearly chilling out in doggy heaven! Do you have an older dog in your company? Are you thinking of adopting one into your family?

Elderly dogs may provide just as much entertainment, comfort and companionship as any playful puppy. If you are looking into adopting from your local shelter, why not go to meet an older friend. There are many positives that you are adding to your life and theirs.

First of all, getting a puppy may seem like all fun and games, but it is a lot of work. More work than many realize. Having a puppy around is just like a child! Keep in mind, elderly dogs are a much different story.

Elderly dogs are calm and settled; they know who they are and act accordingly. In most cases, they have undergone basic training and understand their surroundings to act independently.

Above all, elderly rescues are so grateful. They have either had a hard life or been surrendered by their loved ones for one reason or another. If they have been at the shelter for a longer period of time, you may see the expressions of depression and sorrow on their face. In just hours we have seen accounts of dogs demeanours completely change once they have been adopted. Smiling and cuddling and thanking you for proving them a safe home.

All of this said, there may be risks or complications involved in adopting an elderly dog. Make sure you are prepared for any medication expenses or vet bills that may arise in the near future. Ensure that you are mentally and emotionally prepared to say goodbye, perhaps sooner than you may think.

At the very least, when you adopt an elderly dog, you are providing the animal with an unbelievable opportunity. To enjoy the rest of the lives. You may find the same relaxation among many dogs laying in their beds or on the couch. Or try giving your dog a refreshing bath on a hot day. How nice of you! By the looks of the dog in this video, it is pure heaven for them!

Some humans find themselves needing the animals more than they need them. The mutual love that is offered between human and animal companion is truly one of a kind, and not to be taken for granted.

When you invest in your animals such as giving them a bath or brushing, you are telling them you care about them and love them. They feel your effort and appreciate it. Sometimes, the dog may even jump up for a kiss once your done to express their extreme gratitude. Remember to take it slow with them and understand the ways in which their body and mind may be degrading. Animal death may be just as traumatic and emotionally encompassing as any human passing. In the end, you did the right thing by creating a world of love and peace for the animal to experience before they go.