Drone captures majestic cave in Corinth, Greece

Published October 6, 2018 3,338 Views

Rumble / World TravelThere is a special place in Corinth, which does not look like any other. The vertical rocks of the coastline near the village of Strava Korinthias are interrupted by a natural, stone, huge arch. Entering the arch, on the right, there is a cave that is home to a magnificent beach with fine white pebbles that give the water the turquoise color.

The beach and arch are a real "monument of nature" that we have never met elsewhere in Greece. Due to the fact that the beach is in the cave, the sun never "sees" it, so it's always cool and you don’t have to wear sunscreen!

Access is possible either by boat or by a difficult path that is small in length. Enjoy the flight!