Drone Captures Greek Island's Hidden Gem

Published October 6, 2018 3,060 Views

Rumble / World TravelEnjoy a flight over White Beach, or Hawaii as the locals call it. It's located in Chalkidiki, on the second leg (Sithonia) and more specifically on the island of Diaporos, opposite Vourvourou. On your next visit to Chalkidiki, do not miss to visit it and enjoy the white sand, its elaborate rocks and its shallow, crystal clear waters.

This bird’s eye perspective gives the viewer the perfect sight of this pristine landscape and waterfront. Few people can say they have ever seen such a beautiful natural sight. Greece is known for its historical tributes that tourists flock to from all over the world. The entire country is entrenched with history, and there are endless sights to visit and learn about. However, the history is not the only rich thing here that brings in massive numbers of tourists, because the other aspect that this place is known for is its naturalistic beauty. This is obviously evident in this video.

Watching this video can almost make you feel like you are there in the chopper, floating over this beautiful landscape. Places such as this one are destinations that people crave to visit because of the relaxing effect it has on our minds and bodies. The old saying of “no one needs a vacation like the man who just came back from vacation” may be true for many places and many different activities, but we are hard pressed to say that no one could go back home after visiting this site in any sort of tension. The water is so unbelievably clear that it almost looks like a special effect that cannot be real, but of course, it is real.

Sit back and try to just take in this beauty. It will give you a momentary escape from whatever else is going on around you. Even the background music here adds to this feeling of intense tranquility. It is definitely fitting to this sighting. The video also shows a few groups and families out on the water in their boats enjoying the incredible surroundings. Even the rock formations on the edges of the water are beautifully constructed. Another interesting feature for this particular destination is the weather and temperatures. This part of the world has a beach like setting, but it does not always have the intense heat and humidity that other tropical looking places will have. That makes this a very attractive tourist spot for many visiting families to travel to. Visitors can enjoy the beauty and serenity of a beachy, tropical paradise, and they can also have a few other days in this beautiful country to visit all of the historical sites. These are among some of the oldest in the world, so it is always recommended to tourists that they try to do both. Have a few days of amazement and excitement in the cities, and then spend the last half of your vacation on the beautiful beaches. You are sure to go back home relaxed. Do not forget to take pictures either, because all of your friends are going to be jealous.