Deer Arrives At A Woman's Door To Be Fed

Published October 5, 2018 7,126 Plays $16.30 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsDefinitely if you are a faithful lover of nature and wild animals this video will enchant you, as well as leaving you surprised with the intelligence of this deer who arrives at the door of the place where the woman lives. She has fed and cared for it since it was a fawn and tries to get his attention so that it gives him some food.

This beautiful specimen of deer is named Zoey. Zoey was rescued from her natural habitat when she was just a little fawn after losing her mother and since then she was cared for and nurtured by the woman until she was old enough to fend for herself.

These species, although they are wild animals, have been developing a great capacity for adaptation and have become common animals, so it is increasingly common to find deer as pets or simply those that are raised where they can enjoy a great deal of happiness.

The deer have shown a great sharpness and intelligence, as is the case of Zoey who despite that since she became an adult, has been released to fend for herself to lead a life as similar as possible to be in freedom in their natural habitat; even so Zoey comes back from time to time in search of some food and a little socialization.

It is evident that these animals in adulthood are very constant in their habits, that is why this beautiful deer was inhabited by the woman and to be fed by her since she was very small, that is why she always comes back and tries to get her attention to receive some sandwich. The most interesting thing is that now Zoey does not attend this door alone, since she now has her own young and the rest of her flock, all invited to visit the woman at times and hopefully receive some delicious food.

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