Crafty Man Shows How To Make A Handy Mini Bar

Published October 5, 2018 168 Views

Rumble / Do It YourselfIn this video viewers will learn how to make a mini bar from Jerry can. The same concept could be used to make storage for anything. All you need is to work on different shelving design!
The narrator in this video teaches how to make this project very well, and it seems like an easy task that anyone can do who may be wanting a contraption such as this. It does take some basic tool working skills, but none of it seems so complicated that it would be impossible for the novice to learn how to make.

This would certainly be a great project for those who like creating things and working with their hands. The end result could also be something that is considered sellable in the right marketplace. For the handyman husband who has a little extra time on a Sunday afternoon, this could be the perfect project. The process of creating the product would be enjoyable, but the final result is also exciting if the contraption is something that can be then sold in the right areas.
The instructor starts the project with a newly purchased red 20 liter Jerry can.

He includes in the materials needed hedge trim, clasps, and hinges. It is advised that you should get all materials together before beginning the project. You are more likely to finish the project faster and more efficiently if you are not having to stop between steps to go gather materials. The speaker also suggests making sure that there is no leftover gasoline inside the can whatsoever if you are going to use a can that has been previously utilized for another purpose.

The last thing you need is to create a disastrous fire hazard because the can still contained traces of gasoline that could pose a very serious threat for flare ups. This is especially true when there will be power tools involved that create heat, extreme friction, and sparks.
The first step is to use the tape to mark where the mini bar will be. He uses a black sharpie to do this marking. One quick tip that the speaker uses to mark off rounded edges is the top of a container.

This could make the rounded edges much easier to spot and helps with making all of your corners symmetrical. He then uses an angle grinder to cut the straight lines. Watch the speaker’s dexterity with power tools. He is definitely not a novice; he seems to be a very experiences tool worker and is not new to projects such as these. He also utilizes a rotary tool. Again, be sure that you have all of the necessary products with you before you begin doing anything.

Another thing to remember is to use all safety precautions necessary. The speaker recommends gloves to protect the hands, and he advises viewers to use some kind of hearing and sight protection also. All of these are imperative to stay safe while working with power tools.
Watch the video to see the rest of this very impressive project.