Dash Cam Footage Films A Miraculous Near Miss Of A Car Accident

Published October 5, 2018 13,285 Plays $27.16 earned

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageWatch this incredibly close call on a Canadian highway that ends with no accident. Wow! Must see! Someone must have had their guardian angel hanging over them on this day. They are so lucky to come out of this unharmed and alive!

Thank goodness there was a dash cam to catch this incredibly close call. The people that caught the footage are also lucky. If there had been an accident, which might have been devastating and tragic, would have been caught in the action their video would have a totally different story.

As the vehicles travel towards Mount Rainer, the traffic is quite thick and congested. Being the beginning of a long weekend, many people are heading to their vacation destination and up north cottages. Traffic is moving well until a starts to slow down for a Cintas delivery truck and loses control completely, skidding to the left, straight at a red sports car. This could have been a terrible accident, resulting in the highway being shut down for hour. But miraculously, the car missed the red vehicle by mere inches and everyone drove away unharmed!

Being a good driver means that you are extremely observant while driving especially on the highways. You need to know where every car around you is and what they are doing at all times. This driving habit can get you out of a lot of situations like this one. If the driver of the red sports car was not paying attention and did not have sight out of his peripheral view, he would not have had the time to brake so suddenly, avoiding the accident. If he was looking the other direction even for a split second, this would have all gone terribly wrong!

What really went wrong here we wonder? You can see brake lights in front of the car that skidded out, and they just must not have been paying attention on the road. He hit his brakes just a little too hard, making the vehicle loose control and start fishtailing to the left, then to the right. How he didn’t make contact with the red sports car is nothing short of a miracle. Thank goodness for everyone’s incredible reaction and judgement. If this video teaches us anything it is to always look around you when driving, especially on the highways.

At the end of the video you can see the car that skidded out has pulled over and put on their four way signals. They probably need a moment to break after the close call with death. Just a split second would have made the difference in this footage and the drive who lost control should be counting his blessings.

Have you ever been in such a close call on the highway before? Or have you captured footage of a close call? We all need to be careful while driving and pay attention to the other cars travelling beside you. We are so happy that everyone walked away from this without a scratch and hope that the car who skidded out learned a very valuable lesson!