Hurricane Florence Aftermath Shows Total Road Destruction

Published October 5, 2018 1,056 Views $0.07 earned

Rumble / Strange WeatherThis video shows the devastation of Hurricane Florence on Middle Sound Loop Rd in Wilmington, NC. Hurricanes are notorious for leaving unbelievable destruction as they tear through towns and cities. Houses are flattened; people’s lives are ripped apart by their unyielding strength and devastation. As this video shows, they also destroy roads and common areas. This can make it virtually impossible for people from these areas to escape the region if the hurricane is still in motion, but it can also pose a problem for those who did evacuate the area before the hurricane reached the city.

In this particular case, Hurricane Florence has completely destroyed the local roads in this city in North Carolina. For any families who are trying to travel back to their homes to see what damage has been done, this could be a very large complication. Obviously, people cannot just drive regularly with their vehicles down this road. When residents are faced with an issue such as this, they must find an alternate route back to their properties. Sometimes, though, this may not be an easy option to take. For those who live in more rural areas, it can be quite difficult or possibly even impossible to find another route back to where all of their belongings lie.

Imagine being already in a predicament where you can pretty much know that you are headed back to your house to find most certain destruction. This would already be such a daunting and depressing situation to be in. When you add on top of that the issue of travel, a person’s life could really be in a very dark place emotionally. Hurricanes do not just damage material things like houses, business offices, cars, roads, etc. They also can ruin people’s lives. The emotion that people attach to their properties can cause deep depression when these things are destroyed. Families must return to their homes that have been flattened, and they feel like they have lost so much more than just walls and rooms. They have lost the place where their children grew up. Maybe they have lost the place that they bought or built when they married their spouse. Perhaps they have lost the home that they themselves even grew up in. There is just no end to the horrible devastation that these hurricanes can do.

Hurricana Florence ripped through the east coast recently, and local residents are now faced with the difficult tasks of trying to rebuild their lives. Their worlds have been paused by the destruction, and many feel as if their lives will never be the same. This video shows just a small portion of the devastation from this shocking event, and even just this small, destroyed area causes heartache as viewers get a glimpse into what so many of this country’s people are now having to go through. The help of outside parties supporting those whose homes and property was destroyed is greatly appreciated, but for most families, their lives will never be the same.