Boxer Knows Exactly When Is Her Time To Take A Bath

Published October 5, 2018 16,840 Views $4.46 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHow many people have had to chase their dog around the house, begging them to cooperate so they can be given a bath? Bath time is not usually a fun experience for most pets and as soon as they hear the words, they are out of there quickly, looking for the best place to hide! But for this dog Cedar, bath time is a complete breeze!

In this adorable video footage, Cedar the adorable pup is sleeping in the dark by the couch when her owner abruptly turns on the lights and asks if she wants to take a bath. The pup is a little reluctant at first and doesn’t move. She may not like bath time but she knows if she doesn’t get in there herself, she will be forced anyways, so she behaves well like an obedient dog and walks herself into the bathroom! What a small puppy to know exactly what to do when it is bath time!

She slowly starts to slink across the living room floor in the direction of the bathroom. When she comes to the bathroom door, she stops and looks at her owner with an expression that says “Do I really have to dad? I just had a bath last week!” Her owner points in the direction of the bathroom on the right and tells her to go inside. The adorable and amazingly smart dog puts her head down and trots into the bathroom where the warm bath water is running just for her.

Unbelievably, this dog knows exactly what to do and climbs herself right into the bath tube with the water running! Have you ever seen such a thing? There was no chasing, so fighting with the dog and no having to carry her across the house. She just calmly walked there herself and all her owner had to do was ask her politely! If only all dogs could get into the tub this easily the world would definitely be full of much cleaner canines!

The lucky puppy even gets bubbles in her warm bath. She definitely deserves to be properly pampered for listening so well and being such a good girl. Once Cedar is in the bath, she just looks up at her owner sadly. You can tell she doesn’t even like bath time, but still listens so well when told to get in there. Cedar slowly sits her rear end into the bubble bath and then lays down, preparing to be washed down.

This took lots and lots of practice and time but the work was totally worth the efforts. Now Cedar will just walk in when her owner asks her to! It started with her being led to the bathroom on a lease when told to go take a bath. When she would go into the bathroom all by herself, her owner started climbing into the tub and calling her in, after a lot of practice, she knew to go the bathroom and climb in all by herself. What a smart and adorable pup!