Puppy Adorably Plays In Baby's Rocker

Published October 5, 2018 2,082 Plays $1.61 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPuppies are much like children. As seen in this video, an adorable puppy has climbed into a toddlers chair while it was vacant and begins pawing at the dancing toy. This video is outstanding as the puppy reacts just as a human child would. Is it because the puppy has witnessed the child engaging in this act and wanted to try it out for himself, or is it total natural instinct?

Many will claim the similarities between puppies and children. Not only the adorable nuances that keep you entertained but the amount of work and constant attention they require. You may even relate their constant puppy bites to a teething child with a soother. Here's an idea: Puppy Soother. Take it a run.

Many new pet owners claim that having a puppy in the house is much like a newborn baby. Parents aren't offended so it must be true, and there's a lot of evidence to back up this claim. It isn't always all fun and games.

With the rise of pet rescue adoptions and "rescue dogs" has brought with it the relation of animals with special needs to that of children. Alright, I know it's easy to put your dog in a crate and try to get some work done. In theory. What if your dog has separation anxiety and cannot stand it when you are out of sight? What if you can't even run to the grocery store without your puppy going into a complete mental breakdown. Sometimes lashing out by destroying anything in sight, or annoying your neighbors with howls, barks and cries until you return. Something like what would happen if you left a child alone, am I right?

That being said, the relationship may go both ways in terms of a service dog. Individuals suffering from a plethora of disorders have gained extreme relief through the service of these emotionally attuned dogs. They provide an outstanding sense of calm and eventual relief through ensuring their owner's safety. The physical touch of the dog and their ability to remain calm affects the human suffering their attack in a truly special manner.

This video sparks another outstanding idea of puppy cradles to help minimize the child-like effects of new-ownership. Anything to keep them entertained! This seems to work. Plus, it's adorable to watch.

Yes, your new puppy will demand your constant attention and for you to provide them with comfort and entertainment. But don't worry. There is good news coming. Much like children, adding another furry member to your family may be the best thing you ever do.

When you are in the company of a dog, you can't help but adopt their natural instinct of truly enjoying life by living in the moment. They get you up and about. A walk is the best way to clear your head, and your dog will ensure a happy adventure. You can't help but laugh at the silly things they do and smile at their goofy grins. Being in the company of a dog, especially a puppy so new to the world is truly a special gift.