Dreaming Dog Literally Runs In Her Sleep

Published October 4, 2018 31,104 Views $14.42 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhat's better than a dog who can run, dance, and make your day - all while fast asleep? Nothing! Humans dream, sleep talk, sleep walk. Can animals sleep walk too, you ask? Well you have come to the right place, my dear viewers.

We are going to see a cute little dog dreaming and trying to sleep walk. Okay, but there is a tweak to this. The poor creature WANTS to walk in his sleep but can only move his feet. He somehow can’t lift his body off the couch to stand upright and walk away. Pretty hilarious right? That’s right!

This amusing clip is about two dogs napping on the same couch. Ohh that couch looks comfortable, something that would instantly make anyone fall asleep and that’s totally the case with our big dog. The big dog is calm and fast asleep. No movement, no sleep walking, no sleep dancing or sleep moaning for that matter. He is actually so deep asleep that he doesn’t even seem to notice what is going on around him. His partner, the puppy, is sleep dancing, if that is even a thing.

Yes, if you look closely it actually looks like a dance move. A damn good one as well. The dog starts with moving his feet in a fashion as if he is trying to walk but without walking, in reality. This feet-moving motion gets transformed to head and body moving situation with a tad bit of tail wagging. HA HA! I told you it was funny! I can feel the couch moving with his body, damn nice cushy couches are just the best!

Dogs are fun animals when they are awake and cute when they are asleep. I didn’t know a combo of fun and cute was possible with an asleep dog. This footage makes me wonder what other things this puppy can do in sleep. Maybe he can be fed food, which he would nicely chew in sleep. Maybe he can fetch a ball in sleep too. Who knows, maybe he is already doing all of that?

Whatever it is, I am a great fan of his dance moves. First, he starts with just two legs and then some head banging, followed by swift body movements. Oh yeah, that’s right, he is head-banging fellas! And he’s got swag. He could get chicks dig for him with that, and he isn’t even awake? WOW! That is indeed something. And guys, this dog has his game on the next level so watch out!

This dog has great moves, I would love to see an actual dancing clip of this doggie, when he is wide awake, of course. I mean who wouldn’t! That is absolutely cuteness overload. What do you guys think about his moves? But what do you think about the big dog that is so calm and composed in his sleep. Do you think he is just as quiet when awake? Or does he like dancing too, like our restless pup? Let us know by commenting below! Stay tuned and you might see our demands get satisfied!