4 years ago

This Baby Trying a new Food will Make Your Day!

Babies are such adorable little goofballs! And the little girl from this video is definitely not an exception! If you love babies and all the silly things that they do, search no more, this video is just for you! It’s meal time for this adorable baby girl and you can tell that she’s really enjoying her food. Oh, how precious is she? Mom is feeding her and each time she eats a spoonful of that delicious baby food she smiles, and then makes the silliest sour face. LOL! I’m not sure whether the food she’s having is so sour. Or maybe she’s just making those funny faces to give her mom all the giggles! Either way, mom can’t help but laugh out loud! And even the baby girl gets excited about mom’s laughter so she starts giggling in the most adorable way ever! This video is brimming with positive energy! Cuteness overload!

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