Exhausted Dog Wakes Up For A Treat But Then Goes Right Back To Bed

Published October 4, 2018 2,089 Plays $3.11 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesNow this is one tired pup! He is lost in la la land, dreaming of running through meadows, chasing cats and chewing bones! He spent the day on a long and tiring hike through the woods with his owner and with all of the trees smelling and running up and down the hills, he is really whopped! All he needs is his bed and a blanket and he is ready to fall fast asleep at once! The very moment this dog got home from his long walk in the forest, he hopped straight into bed and without even a thought, drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep! His face looks so restful in this video it makes up start to yawn! After this pooch has passed out cold, watch what happens when his owners sticks a treat under his nose! What an adorable sleepy dog!

In this hilarious video footage, a sleeping pup is lost in a dream when his owner quietly sticks a treat under his nose. Not even the best dream in the world could stop him from enjoying a delicious cookie and the dog’s opens his eyes just long enough for him to snatch the treat from his owner’s hands and then he closes his eyes slowly again just mere seconds later. We are surprised that he even opened his eyes and didn’t just follow his nose to the snack!

His sleeping face is just so cute, it is almost a shame to see him being waken up, but he doesn’t seem to mind. If he only has to open his eyes for a second to find the cookie in his owner’s hands, it is totally worth it. He doesn’t even stay awake for 5 seconds. He sniffs, opens his eyes, takes the cookie, chews it for a second and falls back asleep. It must have been a very long walk to wipe this dog out so much!

The sleepy dog’s owner holds the treat directly in front of the dog’s nose for quite a long time before he smells it. It must have registered in his dream as a mysterious dog cookie that just randomly appears. Once he realizes that this isn’t a dream and he really does smell a snack before his nose, his ears twitch and his eyes snap open, bright with hunger and excitement that this is real life and his owner really is giving him a treat! It doesn’t take him long to get the cookie into his mouth and chew it up.

The cookie isn’t even completely chewed and the dog snuggles right back into the blankets and slowly closes his eyes again. He is right back to sleep while he is still licking his lips from his late night snack!

Have you ever been so tired that you couldn’t even keep your eyes open? There are many stories of people doing nearly the same thing, waking up in the middle of the night to eat, but barely open their eyes while doing so and don’t even remember it the next day!