Competitive Bulldog Confuses "Butterfly" Playtime With Fighting

Published October 4, 2018 312 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen the funny response of a Bulldog to butterflies? This is your time to see it and laugh a little while watching. Observe the funny response of this Bulldog when its owner pretends that his hand is a flying butterfly, it seems that this Bulldog does not like butterflies, as he uses his owner hand to train and learn to hunt them. In general, dogs do not like insects and always try to hunt them, but this Bulldog takes it very seriously. This is fun!

A Bulldog named Porkchop and his owner play together a game called "The little flying butterfly", it seems that both love to play together and it is never a bad time to enjoy and laugh a little. At first, the owner of Porkchop tries to train him so that he knows when is the right time to bite and when is the right time to stop biting, as it is very important that dogs understand the orders and signals of their owners.

Later, the owner of Porkchop pretends that his hand is a small flying butterfly and tries to place his hand on the head of Porkchop, so Porkchop stands still waiting for the "butterfly" to think he is safe and then try to catch her. After several attempts, the owner of Porkchop tries to make the "butterfly" fly around Porkchop to see what his response to the situation is, but Porkchop is quite intelligent, he always remains calm without making any movement, Porkchop always waits for the right moment. In almost all attempts, Porkchop manages to catch the "butterfly", so the owner tries to touch the body of Porkchop to know that it is time to stop biting and let the "butterfly" continue flying.

Many families have a dog as a pet in their homes, these families know the benefits of having a dog and the joy it can bring to their lives, the fact is that most dogs are very playful and always have a timely response for everything. Some people say that playing with dogs creates a strong bond of friendship between a dog and its owner, that way the dog will provide protection and will always take care of the welfare of its owners.

The Bulldogs are characterized for being very calm and tolerant dogs. Bulldogs like to play with other dogs and animals, they are not usually aggressive dogs, since they always look for ways to play and have fun, making the environment pleasant for everyone. Some people also claim that Bulldogs are dogs that can easily adapt to most homes, since their short stature allows them to find comfortable places for them.

It is considered very important to create a bond of friendship with our pets, the best way to create a bond is to play with them, there are really many games that can be played with a dog, we can even try to play "The Flying Butterfly". As you can see in the video, the dogs and the people get along quite well, it seems that the owner of Porkchop found a way to make Porkchop have fun. Butterflies should stay away from Porkchop!