Howling Dog Sings Along To Little Girl's Performance

5 years ago

Check out how the family dog reacts when this little girl begins playing her instrument. The pooch just sits there on the couch staring at the little girl as she preparing to play the pup a song and when the dog starts singing right along, it is the cutest performance ever. These two make such an adorable duo that we would love to see more performances like this one caught on camera!

In this footage, watch as a little girl pulls out her red toy recorder and gets ready to serenade her puppy as he is patiently waiting for the music on the couch. She plays a couple of notes and the dog’s ears immediately perk up and he sits straight up, excited to start singing along. We can see right away that he likes this song! The dog comes in closer to the girl to inspect the instrument and then takes his seat and counts in his part. It takes a few tries to get his voice warmed up, but once he starts howling, it is hilarious!

The dog comes in right at the perfect time, howling away with the recorder and in harmony with the little girl! The little girl cannot keep a straight face and breaks down in laughter when the dog starts singing with her. It is just too hilarious not to. Even her mom behind the camera cannot contain her giggles. The dog waits for the girl to start playing again and continues his howling, trying to imitate the sound of the red recorder.

The duo goes on for quite a long time and is truly impressive! They just stare into each others eyes and perform their song flawlessly. The dog stops immediately as soon as the little girl starts to giggle and looks at the person behind the camera, wondering why everyone is laughing. He is putting on the best performance he can!

The louder the little girl plays the flute-like instrument, the louder the dog begins to howl. They are like a well-oiled machine and you would think that they have practiced this piece over and over again. Their performance is so adorable and funny.

This fluffy white dog in the video is very clearly a music lover and when he hears the sounds of music, he must join in this funny performance. He loves to sing, especially with his little girl and when he does, he gets right into it. As the dog belts out the notes, he lifts his head high and gets out as much volume as he can and stays right in time with the recorder being played in front of him.

This performance went on for a very long time, with either of them getting bored of jamming out together. This pooch really has a lot of talent and should keep at it. As the girl grows older, they could be a travelling act, girl on recorder with her singing dog.

Do you have a singing dog? What is their favourite instrument to sing to? Let us know in the comments, we love to read dog stories!

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