BMX Rider Has Close Encounter With A Cameraman

5 years ago

Have you seen a bike riding stunt that almost kills the cameraman? Bike riders pull off stunts for the movies all the time. They sometimes do it for shows, like street shows. The movies are shot by great professional directors and great cameramen. Who take care of everything and make sure safety is provided in such cases. The cameras are usually high-tech and you get the shot from well far away.

Now what do you think would happen if a cameraman is trying to get a shot or a footage of a bike rider who’s pulling off a stunt? Will the rider have control over his bike to stop himself from running over the cameraman? Talk about close encounter!

Let’s find out. This is a great stunt clip where a BMX rider is trying to jump of a hilly region and is up in the air for a few seconds before he lands on the ground safely. But the catch here is, the camera doesn’t steadily capture the whole act, the reason being that the cameraman flinches and tries to move away. Yes, you read it right! The cameraman’s reflexes kick in as the rider moves too closely from the cameraman.

The video start with this good-looking biker riding a bike and he’s coming toward the camera, he’s riding from between trees and on a crooked ground, the ground is pretty hilly (elevated) thus making him fly in the air for a bit before he makes the land. Now the split seconds where the camera moves, is the horrifying part of this clip. The video doesn’t quite show us the camera man’s reaction but it is evident that his heart is in his mouth in that situation.

The rider’s path looks more like an elevated trail and the man shooting this video is on the edge, more like the bank by the trees. The rider when comes moving toward the camera guy he greatly takes control of his bike, making it move in the other direction, far from the camera man thus saving his life. I am sure the cameraman is going to think twice before agreeing to shoot stunts like this. Or maybe he thrives on the adrenaline that rushes through him in situations like these. But no matter what it is, I am glad the cameraman is saved and the rider gets his stunt done successfully.

We would love to know what happen after the video ends. Does it end because the camera man stops shooting or it ends because the rider stops riding as he is concerned about the guy who almost got killed by his bike. These stunts are always dangerous but some people love danger as if it makes them feel alive. We like to be well sheltered and safe. We don’t play with fire but we do end up getting myself in trouble from time to time and that most definitely doesn’t stop me from getting in yet another trouble, yet again.

What do you guys think about such stunts and their consequences? Let us know in comments below!

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