Spoiled Pup Eats Only Crackers Dipped In Cream Cheese

5 years ago

All right! We know dogs can’t eat milk chocolates. They don’t really even like milk, but what about a milk product like cheese?

Prince, the husky, is not like other dogs, you know? Yes, he still can’t eat chocolates, But, he loves milk-products like cheese. In fact, he doesn’t just like to munch on cheese, but cream cheese is pretty much his favorite dip. He doesn’t eat anything unless it is generously dipped in cream cheese. Wow, right?

This video is about a girl who is trying to feed her pampered husky a piece of Ritz cracker and guess what? Prince refuses to eat it without having the little piece of snack dipped in cream cheese. Don’t believe me? Well, you don’t have to. Check it out for yourself!

The video begins with this lady holding a biscuit cracker in her well-manicured hand and the dog tries to sniff it nicely, taking in the sweet smell of Ritz. At first, it looks like he might change his mind and actually take a bite of the treat, but that is so not the trait of a pampered husky, right? So, he does what is naturally expected of him. He slightly wrinkles his nose indicating his refusal to eat the treat. Ha!

The lady exactly knows what that means, she swiftly dips the same piece of cracker in cream cheese and tries feeding the dog again. Well guess what happens next? You are right! He accepts the cracker, by opening his mouth and eats it up in no time. Bravo dog! We cannot help but wonder, how did the lady find out about Prince’s love for cream cheese? We mean we love cream cheese, especially when stuffed in jalapenos and wrapped in bacon. Oh yummmm. But it is a weird choice of treat for a dog!

Or is it because of her cute nails painted nude that disguise the cracker? We mean, maybe it’s just me, but if you look closely the cracker kind of matches her nail color making the whole thing a tad bit hilarious. Really! Imagine the dog’s bewilderment, he thinks he’s being fed nails. Hahaha! But when that cracker is dipped in a white substance (cream cheese in this case) he gulps it up immediately, making us think it’s a cream cheese thing. But honestly, we think it’s a color thing! When the dipped cracker was taken near his hungry mouth, he identified the difference in color, thereby clearing the nail confusion and agreeing to eat the thing up.

Maybe that’s just us, we are weird! We know dogs can sniff and they don’t just rely on one sensory organ, that is, their vision system. They use both, their vision and nose power (They are one hell of a sniffer) to identify things. Maybe the dog was trained into trying new things and making his decision on what he likes and what he doesn’t. He doesn’t hate crackers, he just likes them better when dipped in something, more preferably in cream cheese, as we see!

Well if you guys think there is more of such eating preferences when it comes to this husky, comment below and let us know!

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