Rottweiler Befriends A Giant Puppet Dog At A Parade

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe all love a good parade, especially when they include giant puppet dog that is pulling a tractor of people! Check out this amazingly crafted large pup walking down the middle of the street as part of a summer parade. He has been named Xolo and the crowd just loves him! His mouth even opens and closes and his tongue sticks out! The realism of the puppet is amazing and a dog in the crowd comes running out to see what Xolo is all about. The entire hilarious interaction was caught on video!

When Xolo the giant dog, impressively operated by puppeteers, comes upon a curious Rottweiler, you can hear the crowd squeal with surprise as if it were part of the show. Watch as the Rottweiler drags his owner out into the street so he can meet this giant dog and see what it is all about.

When the two dogs go nose to nose, we hold our breath waiting to see what the Rottweiler will do next. The huge puppet puppy starts actually wagging its take and making an expression on its face that looks like smiling. The two seem to make friends immediately and it is super adorable!

The Rootweiler isn’t quite sure of the big dog at first, trying to sneak in for a sniff to figure out just what it is. Every time the puppet dog moves, the Rottweiler jumps back a little but, still quite hesitant. But eventually his tail starts wagging and you can see him relax as they check each other out and stand nose to nose.

The Rottweiler’s owner eggs him on and tells him it is ok. The crowd just loves this interaction between the two dogs and even though they have caused the parade to come to a complete stop, no one cares. They all just want to see what happens between the Rottweiler and Xolo.

Eventually, the parade must move on and Xolo starts to walk straight at the Rottweiler, causing him to jump back. They may have made a quick friendship out on the road during the parade, but the puppet dog is still a hundred times bigger than the Rottweiler and he knows it!

This huge dog, Xolo, is completely operated by puppeteers sitting in the tractor behind the puppet. You can see the ropes and pulleys leading back to the tractor where the controllers sit. It takes a minimum of six people to operate the giant dog with its four legs walking, tail wagging, head moving and even his mouth and tongue opening and closing. This puppet is a pure work of art and takes an entire team to make function. All of the people you see in the tractor wearing white are all part of the Xolo team. They are cranking wheels, pulling ropes and even using remote controls to make the big dog look like he is real. All these people need to work together to make Xolo look like a real canine just out going for a walk.


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