Newborn Husky Puppies Adorably Sleep On Their Tired Mama

5 years ago

These beautiful husky puppies are so adorable; we just cannot get enough of them. They have been running around keeping their mama so busy, she is completely exhausted and doesn’t have the strength anymore. Watch as she just let them sleep wherever they want. The puppies are scattered all over her head, body and anywhere else they please. She is just happy to have them around and close to her at all times! Even though she too needs her sleep, she would not be able to get a wink if she were away from her babies. The same goes for the puppies, who only feel safe and sound when they are snuggled up to their mama.

Nikita the Husky gave birth to 6 beautiful purebred husky puppies at home, lovingly surrounded by her owners. These cute little pups are so tiny and adorable and range from black, to brown to grey in color. They are all the most adorable little fluff balls. They require constant interaction, attention and food at all times, so their mama Nikita cannot go far from them for long. When she is tired, she just lays down for a nap while the puppies climb all over her, looking for a comfortable spot to relax. Nikita just let’s them go wherever they please. The pups are scattered all over her to get comfortable and she just calmly lays there, letting them go where they please, as long as they stay close!

These puppies were only born one week ago and have already grown so much and started to venture around, but never going far from their mom. They need to be watched at all times as puppies this age tend to get themselves into trouble. They are curious little things and even though their eyes are barely open, they can still move along pretty quick.

After a long week of feeding, caring for and keeping an eye on these little husky puppies, Nikita is just completely exhausted and cannot keep her eyes open. She needs to sleep and she needs it now, but does not want to go very far from her babies. Watch as the mama husky just lays down and closes her eyes to go to dreamland and the puppies climb all over her trying to find a place to sleep. The will get comfortable in any direction or position as long as it is close to her and within a short distance to food!

The cute pups curl up under her chin and roll up into a little ball. There is even a puppy laid out right across her neck, sprawling right out to get comfortable. When one puppy bounces off Nikita’s face, she wakes from her slumber, looks at the pups and goes right back to sleep. That is just how tired and worn out this Mother is. With three pups sleeping near her face, two feeding happily and one lone puppy asleep by her tail, she whole family is kept close and safe while she rests and regains her energy for another long day of being a parent.

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