Kid Is Utterly Happy To Catch His First Fish

Published October 3, 2018 399 Plays $0.56 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsThis little boy's first fishing trip ends in success when he's able to catch a fish. Check out how excited he is! Many people remember their childhood as a combination of many happy memories as they grew up around family and friends. Situations like the one in this video are memories that will stay with a child for their entire lives even throughout adulthood. These are the moments that help shape a person into the adult that they later become. Childhood should be filled with happy times such as this one.

This little boy in this video just could not be any cuter. It may be a small victory that he catches a fish, and of course, it may not be something that impacts the world in any profound way; however, for this little boy, the world is a little bit brighter in that moment for him when he catches that fish. Going fishing with his family surely provides a positive experience on its own, but actually catching a fish all on his own takes his day to an entirely new joyful level. He just cannot contain his excitement when he accomplishes this feat for the first time.

The video opens with the little boy in his red life jacket, holding onto his fishing pole for dear life as he tries and works so hard to reel in this fish. He is already excited while he does this. He says the fish is “tearing him right up” as it puts up its best fight not to be caught and reeled in. This may be this little man’s first encounter with the classic man versus nature struggle. He has certainly been taught well by the men around him in his family about how to catch a fish, but he has never been able to really put these skills to good use before now.

He struggles as his mentors give him tips on what to do in order to get the fish out of the water. This proves to be a very difficult task for this little guy, but he never gives up. He pulls and reels in with every ounce of strength he has. It really makes the audience wonder what fish could be on this little boy’s line, and it really begs the question of how big this fish is going to be.

The funniest part of the video is the reaction of the child during this struggle. He is absolutely adorable, and his commentary is hilarious. Viewers cannot contain their giggles while watching him reel in this fish. His mentors around him remind him constantly not to give up, and he follows their directions impeccably. He fights and fights, and finally, his hard work is rewarded. He has caught his fish!

After watching such a struggle, viewers rejoice with the little boy when he finally succeeds in his task. You just cannot help but to smile and be so happy for him, and he cannot contain his joy over his win!