Grandma's Adorable Reaction To Virtual Reality Is Priceless

AFV Published October 3, 2018 651 Plays

Rumble Have you ever tried playing a VR game? VR stands for virtual reality gaming and it let’s you see and feel what it would be like to really be in the game! If you haven’t played a VR game, you should definitely give it a shot as soon as you get the opportunity! It’s such an amazing experience.

And if you don’t believe us, just check out this funny video! Watch as a Grandma tries on a VR headset for the very first time!

This video shows a woman’s first VR experience. During a Holiday get together, the grandkids pull out their new favourite gift they received from Santa! A new virtual reality game! They sit Grandma down, wearing a classic poinsettia sweater and a Christmas brooch and put the VR headset on her head. She looks very nervous at first, but then starts to recognize some of the characters in the game. “Oh, that’s Captain America!” she excitedly yells! You can tell that she’s having so much fun with it. So cool!

We wish we could see what she is seeing as Grandma moves her head back and forth, claiming that there is stuff flying through the air. She is looking all around her, seeing things as if she is really in the game! Once she realizes she can turn her chair and look all the way around the game, she gets even more excited! Her family just giggles at her. She is acting like a small child with a new toy.

Most people get really scared when they first try a virtual reality headset, but not this lady! She’s already a pro! You can tell that she’s confused, but she’s really enjoying it as well! Her family walks her through the experience and she loves every minute of it. She gets really excited when she encounters Captain America and the Hulk. And who wouldn't? It seems like she could stay in the world of virtual reality the whole day long! That’s how much she likes it!

Virtual gaming is an application offering three dimensional artificial environments in the platform of video games. The players feel like they are in a real life environment and get the feeling like they are seeing objects, landscapes and characters for real. While some VR games include using keys, a computer mouse or a touch screen, more sophisticated devices like this one include a VR headset. The headsets wrap the display screen completely around the users head creating an incredible real life experience.

Prior to the new compact technology of VR gaming, users used to go into projector rooms where there would be multiple screens, some with treadmill floors and sensory components such as scents and air movement controls. In these rooms, the players could walk around as if they would in the game and get the complete sensation of being the character.

Have you played a VR game? What was your first reaction to the real life experience? Did you handle it as well as this Grandma did?