Halloween-Themed Mini Pizzas Are Great For Children’s Halloween Party

Published October 3, 2018 26 Views

Rumble / Delicious RecipesWith Halloween just around the corner, it is time to pre-heat your oven and get in the spooky mood by trying out different recipes in order to ensure that this year's party will be both dreadful and delicious.

The month of October is the perfect time to get cozy and enjoy the beautiful nature of autumn. While some will bask in the various shades of red, orange and yellow of that season, others will patiently wait for the one holiday that offers endless possibilities of imagination and creativity from costume design to food preparation.

Celebrated around the world, this frightening holiday has its origins in ancient Celtic harvest festivals which have changed and evolved into the Halloween that we know and celebrate today together with its many traditions. However, besides the traditional practices such as carving Jack-O'-Lanterns, creating spooky costumes and watching scary movies, an important part of every Halloween party is the food. It is the one thing that everyone is looking forward to and the one thing that can make a great party even more memorable.

True Halloween lovers are always able to figure out a way to transform an already delicious meal into something straight out of a horror movie. However, while some recipes may look rather overwhelming and complicated for those of us who are not so skilled in the craft of baking, these Halloween-themed mini pizzas are not only scarily delicious but also extremely easy to create. With just a minimal amount of ingredients and a few easy steps, you will be able to craft this spooky snack that is guaranteed to impress both children and adults with its eerie spidery appearance but absolutely delicious taste.

As seen in this short but creative video, all you need are some simple ingredients that can easily be found in most households.

To begin with, preheat your oven and get your pizza dough ready by cutting it up into seven, or however many even pieces you want. Then, take each piece, sprinkle it with some flour and mold it into a circular shape with small and shallow indents in the middle enough to hold the tomato sauce without it spilling out. Add one tablespoon of tomato sauce and throw in some grated mozzarella, or any cheese of your liking, onto the dough.

Next, comes the fun part which is the key element that will transform these mini pizzas into the perfect Halloween-themed snack. To achieve this, all you need are some black olives, cut into smaller pieces and placed in the middle of the dough in the shape of a spider with its head, body and its creepy eight legs. Lastly, bake these tiny pizzas for a few minutes and voilà you have your perfect Halloween snack .

After successfully re-creating these mini pizzas you will most likely feel tempted to try your hand at other equally fun and creative recipes. For more inspiration, you can check out other videos from Motion Cooking, the creators of this video. Soon enough, you will welcome this year's October 31st with a whole array of frightening but tasty Halloween meals and snacks that are sure to make a lasting impression on all of your family and friends.

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