Persistent Talking Parrot Repeatedly Asks For Ice Cream

Published October 3, 2018 3,003 Views $9.59 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsParrots not only repeat what we humans say, many times they use what they have learned to pronounce to let us know what they really want. This beautiful parrot wants a delicious ice cream, we are sure that he knows very well what an ice cream is, and that he has tried it before, to want it so insistently.

Ice cream! ice cream! ice cream!.... Stop watching Youtube and give me my ice cream, that's all this funny talking parrot thinks. Anyone would believe that this parrot is having a heart attack, because we can see in the video how his feathers rise, because he has a fan very close to him, to appease the intense heat. That added to the fact he does not stop saying that he wants an ice cream, its owner does not want to stop the computer to look for his ice cream. This parrot believes that because he is so tender and knows how to speak, he can make you stop watching Youtube, just because he wants an ice cream.

The tongue of the parrot is dry, we imagine that sensation of the very cold ice cream in his dry tongue, that must enchant him! On hot days there's nothing better than eating ice cream, even if you're a talking parrot. Watching this parrot eat ice cream must be a lot of fun, we all know they love to lick around and enjoy the textures, even more if it's a soft ice cream.

He does it! After insisting repeatedly that he wants an ice cream, the funny parrot realizes that his owner has risen from his chair. It's funny how he looks when he finally looks at the chair and sees that his owner is gone. He flies behind his owner to make sure he goes straight to the fridge to get his ice cream. We don't know what the other part of the story was, and if this insistent parrot managed to get his ice cream. We hope he'll soon share another video of him eating ice cream, with those pupils of the contracted eyes that characterize parrots when they're excited, we love that, it's one of the funniest gestures these birds make when they're happy, nervous or just excited about eating ice cream.

Parrots are that kind of pets that it's hard to get away from, or separate from, even if it's for a while. They are very faithful and always want to be on your shoulder or very close to you, to learn from you and repeat what you say. Many people go out on the street with their parrot on their shoulder, like pirates, simply because they are conceited and anyway convince us not to separate from them. If you insist on ignoring them to see how they will react, most likely if the affection is very strong, he will fly towards you like this funny parrot did at the end of the video. They fly towards you and walk through your body as if you were a branch and belonged to them. How adorable! They are unique pets and there are no other pets that are equally stubborn.