Very Windy Day Causes Pomeranian To Air Swim

Published October 3, 2018 1,550 Plays $2.33 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesCheck out what this 3-year-old Pomeranian does when lifted in the air during an extremely windy day. This video is so hilarious; we could watch it all day!

When this adorable white, fluffy puppy gets lifted into the air to face the blustery winds, she does the cutest thing we could ever imagine! She starts air swim against the current! Her little paws start moving quickly from side to side as if she is in a swimming pool. The furry top of her head is blowing hard in the wind and you can tell just how windy it is by the field of flowers behind the swimming pooch. The flowers are blowing around furiously with each gust!

You can hear her owners getting quite a kick out of the dog’s reaction to the wind as they hold her high up in the air to continue her paddling. Sporting an adorable brown autumn jacket and some bling on her collar, the Pomeranian gets all four limbs kicking back and forth like she is in the lake or a swimming pool. The wind must give her the same feeling as water would; because that is exactly the reaction she would have in a pool. The instinct to swim just comes naturally to some dogs.

The winds this day were extremely strong and gusty with dark clouds threatening a thunder storm on the way. When the Pomeranians owners decided to take her out for a walk, the gusts were so strong that they had to pick her up to keep her from flying away. Pomeranians are such small dogs that it doesn’t take much wind to pick them right up off the ground and send them tumbling through the air! As soon as they picked the little pup up off the ground, the air swimming started and the rushed to capture this hilarious video footage!

You can hear the laughter and excitement of her owners as she doggy paddles through the air at top speeds. They may find it funny, but this airborne pooch does not. Take a look at the expression on her face as they swim for her survival. This is in no way entertaining to her and all she is trying to do is swim her way to safety!

This funny footage starts with a shot of the little Pomeranian laying in a field, whipping winds blowing all around her as she calmly and adorably lays with her little paws folded in her lap. What a contract to the shot of her struggling to swim through the air. The small task of picking her up and holding her up high has taken this relaxed and chill puppy to a stressed out and panicked state. She would be much happier going back home where the gusty winds stay outside the door and she is safe and sound in front of the warm fireplace!

Have you ever seen a dog react to wind like this? Tell us all about it the comments. We love to hear doggie stories!