Clever Dog Hands Leash Back To Owner When Dropped

Published October 2, 2018 5,516 Views $28.91 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesNotice how Jack Russell gives the owner his leash after he releases it, it seems that he is very excited to go for a walk, but he knows what the rules are and what is best for him, that is why he gives the leash to his owner. Most dogs love to go for a walk and get fresh air, but it can be a little complicated to control them, but this particular dog is quite intelligent and returns the leash, all dogs must learn from it. It's a very smart dog!

A 4-year-old Jack Russel dog, named Ari, knows how to return the leash to its owner once he throws it to the ground. At first, the owner of Ari drops the strap while taking him out for a walk, but Ari does not immediately realize what has happened, but walks a few meters without realizing it, but then reacts and realizes that the strap is very light. Later, Ari picks up the strap from the floor and goes to the owner's position to deliver it and keeps walking.

Nowadays, it is very common for people to have a dog as a pet, which means that it is also very common to observe how dogs are taken to walk to squares or parks. You will see if it is necessary, depending on the type of dog, to see if it is necessary to wear a leash or not, since not all dogs have the same strength or act in the same way. Actually, people love to make their dogs happy and take them for walks whenever possible, both dogs and people deserve to go for a walk and breathe fresh air. The number of families that are very happy to have a dog as a pet increases every day, since dogs bring many positive aspects to homes, in addition to being very faithful friends.

The Jack Russell dogs are characterized by having a small stature, good hunter instincts and dynamic appearance. It is proven that this type of dog has a fairly high level of learning, are dogs that can easily learn the instructions given by their owners, are generally dogs that love being with their family and playing with their owners. Jack Russells are always full of energy, it has been shown that the Jack Russell is an excellent hunter, it is able to smell small intruders and expel them from the house, as well as being very good at detecting burrows outside the house, being hunters by nature.

It is important that we educate our dogs correctly, remember that, depending on the education we provide to a dog, this could cause many problems or not cause them at all, teaching dogs to interact with other pets or people is the key to a good behavior. As you can see in the video, Ari the Jack Russell is very intelligent and very well educated, he knows what to do when the owner releases the leash. All dogs must learn from Ari!