Guy Slides Down A Handrail On His Behind

Published October 2, 2018 13,716 Plays

Rumble Sometimes, some people tend to live episodes of madness, at least that's how people around them perceive it, but many times madness is a great friend of art, and mostly of adrenaline, but... What happens when madness, adrenaline, and art come together? Maybe the answer lies in this video, which shows us this guy sliding down the handrail with his butt, then continues to jump and run in quite a style; showing us how good he is in this sport that is often compared to martial arts, the so-called "Parkour".

People like this guy can feel the need to do something fun at a given time, if the environment is tempting as in this case, where the boy could not stand the urge to see the clear handrail and set out to slide his butt through them, sliding in a fast and impressive. Hilarious!

In what seems to be a lonely Sunday, it was the perfect setting for this guy to do his own thing and drain his adrenaline somehow. This guy saw no better way than to slide along the railings that were in his path, the acrobatics were excellent! He did not need a skateboard to show us his agility and the balance he possesses; finally, when falling to the ground, this boy continues to impress us with some surprising jumps in the best Parkour style.

Behind this impressive acrobatics there are many hours of training, to dominate this sport that many times is considered art for the perfection and execution of each movement; which includes calculations from the gravity, angles, weight, speed and sometimes "luck", is something that requires work and previous hematomas, to be able to demonstrate acrobatics to us like those of this boy, who luckily did not have an accident and his virility remained intact; after rising several times and falling down again in the handrail while he slid in them with great speed.

It is evident that the boy is good at Parkour, which is characterized by the use of the individual's motor skills, in order to overcome urban obstacles in a straight line, as quickly as possible. In contrast, Freerunning is more focused on performing acrobatics regardless of speed. In Freerunning the obstacles can be random so that the person who moves can do it freely, while making more aesthetic movements and focusing mainly on the tricks and not the speed.

Did you find these urban practices surprising? In addition to being an extreme sport and discipline, it also has its own philosophy of life, framed in efficiency, speed, strength, and beauty. If you have something to tell us about this amazing video, I invite you to comment below. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about this curious way of knowing the cities, which goes beyond a simple common walk.

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