Bird Eats From A Human's Hand In A Slow Motion

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsCheck out this cool slow motion footage of a bird eating right from this person's hand. Amazing! In this video footage you will see the incredible view of a sparrow eating a small piece of bread right out of a human hand. The bird seems to have no fear of the human and flies directly up to the hand toenjoy a nice meal.

In this slow motion video, you can see the amazing way the bird hovers using its wings to stay in place in order to eat the bread. It seems to hesitate only for a second before coming in to feast. When the video slows down really slow, you will see the bird staring at the food, contemplating the danger. When it finally comes in for the bread, it opens its little beak wide and chomps down, pulling and trying to yank the bread out of the hand. As soon as the bread is pulled out of the fingers, the bird is on its way with a belly full of food!

If this video was not slowed down so much, we would probably not even be able to see the fast moving bird that dove in for the bread. What makes this footage so awesome is the slow motion movement that gives us the opportunity to see a sparrow in action so close up.

This particular bird that comes in for feed is a female common house sparrow. These birds can be found pretty much everywhere and inhabit cities in large numbers. They are amongst the most familiar and well known bird on the planet. They typically nest on buildings and in trees and can be found travelling together in large numbers. Sparrows are primarily seed eaters although they have been known to enjoy small insects. Some sparrows in larger cities are known to be scavengers like gulls and pigeons, going through trash cans and will happily eat anything that they can find.

These adorable little birds are generally found in open habitats like grasslands, deserts and scrublands, but can be found almost everywhere else as well. In this video, we see the sparrow at a marina where a water source is abundant. They are very social birds and travel together in flocks, especially during non-breeding season. They flock together in places like bushes, trees and reed beds. Their flocks can be extremely large, sometimes amounting to over ten thousand house sparrows in one group.

With the sparrow being one of the most familiar birds in the world, most people recognize them on sight. Many sparrow species live together with humans in suburb and agricultural areas and for many birds, human settlements are their primary habitat. This bird species can be extremely beneficial to humans as they tend to eat insect pests and help keep the bugs under control. Many humans however have made attempts to control the number of sparrows on their property, but all have failed to decrease the sparrow population. There are just too many of these birds, and since they help control pests, we should all just live in harmony!