German Shepherd Puppy Enjoys Getting Pedicure

Published October 1, 2018 148,209 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWho doesn't love a nice mani-pedi session? We all do, don't we? Then why won't this German Shepherd love it? In this video, we can see a homely German Shepherd relish his manicure and pedicure given by his owner. Pretty sure when they first got this dog home and thought of cutting his nails, the dog must have been terrified out of his mind, he would have been so scared seeing that nails cutter and the filer. Nail cutters are sharp it would scare anyone. We don't blame the poor baby dog and filers dude - they look like knives from different countries. We can't even imagine what the dog must have gone through when he realised those instruments are going to be used on him.

Ah, the poor fellow. We pity him. But we can't blame the owners either, can we? They have to do their job, and the job includes bathing their dog no matter how much the dog hates the feel of water on his skin, combing his fur and checking for mites because of course, nobody would want their pet to be infested by something, feeding him some treats which even though aren't tasty are healthy and which his body needs, and last but not the least keeping his nails healthy and small.

There are various perks of keeping his nails healthy if you really think of it. Firstly, when he plays around mainly in the sand or ground his nails won't collect all the dirt, bacteria and germs won't breed under them and the chances of the dear shepherd falling sick will tremendously decrease. Whose parents wouldn't want that? We would, wouldn't you?

But after the first scary session, the dog must have realized 'oh it's not that bad, and nails look way better now'. Yes, dear dog, that's what we have been telling you all along. But now if you look really closely you can tell the dog has started enjoying the session. Pretty sure the session must have started from softening his nails that are getting those paws massaged with the comforting hot soapy water. Ah! He must have loved it.

So here in this video, we can clearly see the German Shepherd getting his nails done. His mani-pedi session where he gets his nails cut carefully by his owner which all of them have grown pretty long and he seems scared at first but he doesn't hesitate or move or show any signs of discomfort that just tells us he really likes this session where his owner cuts his nails and then files them with the metal filer. He is lying down on his back really comfortably between the owner's legs feeling all safe, feeling secure in the fact that his owner will never cut him and of course she doesn't.

We wonder what the session includes, what follows next: getting his nails clipped and filing or is it again a soothing massage or maybe getting a foot scrub. Whatever it is, no wonder he enjoys it.