Owner Tries To Exercise Her Dog But Ends Up Being Vice Versa

Published October 1, 2018 5,153 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSee how the owner of this Shiba Inu dog tries to make his puppy exercise in the park, but it seems that the results are not as expected, since the dog is the one who ends up exercising its owner while running in a circle. Dogs usually have a lot of energy that allows them to do many activities, which helps them not to exhaust themselves so quickly. It seems that the owner of this Shiba Inu underestimated her puppy too much. The good disciple surpasses the teacher!

A Shiba Inu dog named Yuki and his owner try to do some daily exercise in the park, the routine of today is to run in circles to know how much resistance they have and who is the first to leave. At first, Yuki and his owner run in circles while the owner holds him on a leash so that he does not leave the permitted area, but after a few turns, the owner of Yuki begins to show exhaustion, so he decides to stop. Yuki, on the other hand, does not feel exhausted, he knows that he still has a lot to prove, so he keeps running and forces his owner to run after her. On several occasions, the owner of Yuki tries to stop to rest and catch Yuki to prevent him from running, but Yuki does not want to rest yet, he knows he can run much longer. Yuki is ready to run a marathon!

Currently, it is very common to see dogs with their owners walking and exercising in the parks, the truth is that it is very common to have a dog as a pet, which leads to the creation of parks for dogs and some other places just for pets. They are places where they can have fun, exercise and take some fresh air. These places are ideal for training and exercising with dogs, since they can breathe a clean air that allows them to maintain good health, plus they often have the freedom to run everywhere they want, that is one of the things they do to make themselves happy.

The Shiba Inu are medium-sized dogs that are characterized by having a nice appearance, they also show a lot of affection towards people and have a lot of energy to play or perform some activities that involve movements, these dogs love to exercise and be in movement, in the video you can see perfectly. It is proven that this breed of dogs is very intelligent and obedient, they have the ability to understand the orders of their owners and to obey them, they are also usually independent dogs, they always manage to escape from problems.

It is important to exercise our dogs so that they always have good health, exercise allows dogs to be always excited and allows them to create a stronger bond with their owners, since in addition to being a family, they would have the possibility of doing a daily routine. As you can see in the video, Yuki loves to go out and exercise with his owner, so we should think about it, we should share activities with our pets. Let's put aside laziness and exercise our dogs!