Talking Husky Tells Its Owner It Loves Him

Published October 1, 2018 4,180 Views $9.15 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPractice makes perfect, and this video footage has the most adorable practice we have ever seen. Watch as Luna the Husky attempts to tell her owner that she loves him. As the keeps trying the words come out clearer and clearer each time!

Luna is one smart pup, and this video proves it! She is trying her very best to get the words "I Love You" out and we can definitely hear what she is trying to say. This dog is going to be famous if she keeps it up! Luna and her owner sit on the couch for a round of speech therapy. He repeats what he wants her to say and she keeps saying it over and over again, getting better every time.
With each "I Love You", Luna puts her head up in the air and tries to get the words out. After each attempt, she has a huge, adorable smile on her face. You can really tell that she is loving this new game she plays with her owner and she knows how proud he is of her. The husky’s beautiful blue eyes sparkle and her tongue happily hangs out of her mouth. She is overjoyed with her accomplishments!

Her owner gives her the words he wants to hear in her own language. He says them just as if she would, slurring the words a little bit so she can comprehend the sounds he is making. Every time Luna tries to say those heartwarming words, she gets better and better, sounding more and more human. Even after her owner stops repeating the words, Luna keeps on going, saying "I Love You" over and over again, trying to perfect it for her owner. The sound of her voice is hilarious, and it really is almost human like. Even her mouth moves like a human trying to speak!

We wonder what other words Luna could say with enough practice. It would be truly amazing if a dog could learn how to have an entire conversation. It has been proven that some dog breeds can hold up to 200 words or more, understanding full sentences. If they can understand them, why couldn't they speak them if they were trained properly!

Huskies were bred as sled dogs, used to large and heavy sleds full of commodities across the snow. Today, they are very often seen in tourist destinations, where guests get the opportunity to drive them on sleds. This breed is very popular as household pets due to their loyalty and ability to amazing companions. They are extremely energetic and athletic and enjoy being challenged. They enjoy physical games as well as games that will challenge them mentally as we see here with Luna and her owner! This practice round of learning how to say "I Love You" is not only entertaining, it is also keeping her mind young and teaching her new skills other then just speaking. It is a bonding lesson for her and for her owner!

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