Tesla Model 3 Computer Screen On Board Tricks Cop

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Rumble / Funny & WeirdThus the long-awaited electric car revolution happened with the debut of Tesla Model 3 The new Tesla has all the chances to seriously push the car industry rapidly forward with its amazing engine! Actually, all the components of the bestseller are there: a beautiful design, decent power reserve, original technical solutions, developed network of charging stations, the ability to fast charge, low cost of maintenance, advanced autopilot (albeit for an additional fee), exceptional security and, of course, quite an acceptable price.

The Model 3 is a bold attempt by Tesla to restart the world market of electric vehicles and if you like, an "electric car 2.0". If we ignore the specifics of local markets and evaluate the model as a whole, the attempt is clearly successful. Despite the lower cost and some simplification of the design compared to the "older" Model S, Tesla novelty seems more interesting and attractive.

Tesla is a very special car, radically different not only from cars with internal combustion engines but also from other eco-vehicles. Stunning overclocking dynamics, unusual design, and design solutions, advanced electronics... but the latest development of Tesla is not even like its "relatives" on the assembly line and, it seems, not from this planet at all! And this is what stunned the police officer who stopped the youth in the video at the top of the page. Watch!

This video was taken from the inside of the Tesla Model 3 on September 29, 2018, in Seattle, Washington, USA. we can see the perfect interior and a young man driving. He is suddenly pulled over by a police officer because of his Model 3 screen. This screen, if you have had the chance to see the gadgets, pulls and levers of Tesla 3, looks as if someone has mounted a laptop on the board. This, we know, is not allowed.

Look at the video and see the priceless mumbling of the police officer and his thinking process while he gradually realizes the screen was a factory fitted control. Of course, he let the young guy go on his way.

More about Tesla. Did you know that those pictures of the tesla in space might have been illegal?

SpaceX's flashy footage from orbit might run afoul of an obscure federal regulation. If you watched the SpaceX’s last satellite launch, you might have seen the live stream from orbit shut down mid-flight. But it wasn’t technical difficulties, so much as bureaucracy.

It seems SpaceX didn’t have the necessary license to broadcast videos from orbit, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration rule says that anything larger than a hand-held camera that broadcasts from space needs a special permit. It’s said to be a matter of national security, but SpaceX has been setting up cameras on its rockets for years and has never sought a permit.

That includes the star shots from the Falcon heavy demo flight which live-streamed a Tesla in space with Earth in the background. NOAA didn’t go out of its way to enforce the rule either, as if it was never officially informed that SpaceX had started sticking cameras on its rockets. This is despite millions of people seeing the footage. In fact, SpaceX asked NOAA about the rules ahead of this last launch and NOAA started enforcing them so suddenly that even some parts of the agency thought it might have been a mistake.

However, an NOAA statement clears that up, the agency says it will hold SpaceX and other launch companies to those rules going forward. Congress is also considering lining the rules on commercial cameras and orbit, so mixups like this don’t happen as often. It’s not clear if future permits will let SpaceX broadcast whole launches, but some missions will be fair game. NASA cameras on the international space station captured footage that is public domain. What are your thoughts on this issue? Let us know in the comments below!