Goofy Puppy Fascinated With Her Own Paw

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We all do silly things when we are over tired. Some people get really giddy and laugh at everything, some people get cranky and irritable, but this adorable Pit Bull puppy just gets out right silly. Watch as she lays upside down with her foot stuck in her mouth! What a silly little pup!

We don't know what her fascination is with her own foot, but it sure is hilarious to watch! After running around like a maniac for hours and hours, burning off her puppy energy, this three month old puppy gets comfortable on the couch in an upside down position. Just when you think that is silly enough, laying with her rear end sticking up in the air and all four paws outright, she does the craziest thing! Starts starts chewing on her whole foot. She doesn't nibble on her toes, or chew on the pads of her paws, this Pit Bull puppy actually sticks her entire foot inside her mouth and just sits there casually like it a normal thing to do!

We have seen dogs nibble on their feet due to injury, allergies or trying to trim their nails, but this spastic doggy is actually sticking her whole paw in her mouth and starts gently chewing on it! After the puppy spent a hour laying on the couch in this strange position, his owner checked him over thoroughly to make sure there was no injury.

Dogs use their mouths to cure anything that ails them. They lick and suck at any pain they feel, the only trouble with that is that a dogs mouth is so full of bacteria that any open wounds can quickly become infected if the dog is licking or chewing at them. This is why the owner was very careful when checking the paws for any indication of injury. It is so important to keep an eye on your dog's paws. It is common for them to pick up thorns or even get pebbles stuck in between their toes.

Luckily, this pup is just being silly and her paws all check out good and clear. This position and action is simply just a puppy thing, playing with her foot like it is just another toy laying around the house. This is just a method of entertainment for a pup and is actually quite common. The key is to keep on eye on the puppy and make sure that this does not becoming obsessive or a routine, since it may lead to foot chewing in the future. To correct this habit, every time you see your dog with it's foot in it's mouth, just turn their attention to something else like a toy, a treat or take them out into the yard to burn off some of the energy and keep them entertained another way.

Do you have a puppy that does silly and strange things when they are bored? Tell us about it in the comments. We love to hear funny puppy stories!

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