Five Obedient Dogs Wait Patiently To Eat

Published September 30, 2018 3,748 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThese five Shih Tzus are super smart pups and their owner knows it. She likes to keep them on their toes and throws challenges at them every day to increase the intelligence and make them smarter dogs. In this trick, they know they can eat their treat when their owner counts to three. But watch what happens when she skips three and goes right to four! What smart little dogs!

These five adorable Shih Tzus could not be any cuter all dressed in their matching shirts and well groomed hair. They sit in a perfect row completely attentive awaiting their owner’s countdown so they can enjoy a tasty dog treat. The pups are so incredibly patient as they sit on the kitchen floor while their owner slowly places little dog cookies down for them. Not one of them moves an inch. They know better. It is incredible to see all five of them sit so patiently. Not one of them moves until told.

As the owner starts counting from one, you can see the anticipation build in the dogs, as they are trained to get the cookie on three. They know the number is coming up and they start to shake slightly with excitement. As the owner says two they are even more excited and their little mouths water, wanting those cookies on the kitchen floor badly. Four of the dogs are just staring hard at the cookies, while one lone dog just looks around casually, waiting to take the lead from the other pups.

When the dog’s owner skips three and goes straight to the number four, not one dog even moves. They know that their cue is the word three and don’t even make an attempt to get the treat. The pet owner lets them know that that wasn’t the cue, but there was no need for that. Not one Shih Tzu moved forward. What well behaved dogs!

Finally, after a long pause with the puppies just staring at their owner, she claps her hands and yells “OK” and the dogs lunge forward, enjoying their well deserved cookie! The owner is proud of her dogs and you can hear it in her voice! The five well dressed dogs did a great job with their new trick!

Shih Tzus are fantastic family dogs and can be easily trained. They are a small but mighty dog breed and love to be around their owners at all times. Although they can be stubborn and a little hard headed sometimes, Shih Tzus have a natural instinct to please their masters and therefore have the capability to learn a lot of neat dog tricks, especially when rewarded with a treat. This breed is high maintenance when it comes to grooming however as they tend to have unruly and long hair that can get into their eyes and nose and other places, causing hygiene issues. Shih Tzu owners must take proper care and groom this breed regularly.

See these five puppies all dressed in matching outfits and well groomed while acting so obediently only showing how well they are taken care of and we cannot wait to see their next trick!