Giraffes & rhinos casually cross road in front of car

Published September 29, 2018 1,189 Views $1.09 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeSafaris are a fantastic way to see wildlife in a setting that is as close to their natural environment as possible. This game preserve protects endangered species by providing them with a large range to roam free while keeping them safe from predators and poachers at the same time. Allowing them to wander in a massive enclosed area not only gives them the freedom they need to live an enjoyable life, but it allows them to behave in much the same way that they would in the wild.

Scientists and conservationists are able to study the animals and learn about their behavior, breeding, feeding habits, and more, so that these animals can lead a healthier life. This knowledge can also be used to help conserve populations of the same animals in the wilderness. Captive breeding also promotes a higher success rate and helps rebuild struggling populations.

Safaris provide people with the opportunity to see these beautiful animals up close in a natural environment. Safe in an enclosed vehicle, people are in no danger and the animals are far less likely to consider their presence as an intrusion. The funds provided by guests who pay for such an experience go a long way toward conservation programs and re-population efforts.

These safari goers had an incredible experience as they drove on the path leading through the grounds inhabited by several animals. A herd of giraffes, closely followed by several rhinoceros, casually strolled right across the road in front of them, giving them a perfect close up view.. Stopping to watch, they were only a few feet away from these massive and powerful animals. The giraffes towered over the vehicle and the rhinoceros gave them an unbelievably good look at their enormous size. Unconcerned with their presence, the animals sauntered along. A few even stopped to gaze at the occupants of the car curiously.

This breath taking close encounter with such magnificent beasts was unforgettable. After an experience like this one, it is easy to become passionate about the protection of these, and other species at risk.

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