Gentle Labrador Pushes Its Pram Across The Living Room

5 years ago

You will love to see this funny video, where we can see a gentle Labrador pushing a pram to walk his doll, which is also a Labrador as tender as him. This nice dog also has his pet and we can see how much he spoils her, he loves to give her adorable walks. It's really cute!

This short video is full of a lot of sweetness on the part of this kind dog, that when his owner beckons him to take jis doll to a short walk in the pram, he immediately obeys him and starts the wooden pram in the room. The pram has the perfect measurements so that he can comfortably push it around the room. His gait is very funny as he walks on two legs like a human all the way to where his owner is.

You can see that this jolly Labrador loves to play, since we see how in the room there are many toys, which he surely knows how to use perfectly as he uses this so small pram. He is like an adorable and innocent child, who falls in love with anyone just watching him play, at the same time he is a quite obedient dog judging by the way he pays much attention to what his owner tells him.

Puppies can adopt any kind of behaviors and abilities they see in humans. The most common everyday things can be great to teach our pets, since they are very visual and love to imitate us, it's like a way of wanting to communicate with us and tell us I can do it too! This is a way for them to show us how smart they are, and of course they love it when we are so proud of them and show it to them; giving them a lot of affection and congratulating them for being such good kids. And you, what fun thing have you taught your puppy?

The fact that dogs can't talk, doesn't prevent them from learning and understanding us, as they are able to have great common sense in their actions; in fact many say that thanks to their great visual, olfactory and auditory abilities, dogs have developed a sixth sense that allows them to be the way they are, so they can surprise us with their great skills and quick understanding. This is great!

We've already seen how this cute cute dog could easily go to the supermarket with its owner and carry the market trolley, no problem at all. This dog is so charming and gentle that he loves to take care of others, even if they are just stuffed animals. What do you think of him? You can feel free to share your comments below and tell us what your thoughts are on this adorable video.

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