Shiba Inu Is So Baffled When Samoyed Howls Along To Music

Published September 28, 2018 12,890 Views $184.36 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDifferent dog breeds act differently when confronted by different situations. Singing or howling along to music can be normal for some dog breeds and be annoying and confusing for others. The cute, fluffy Samoyed can be seen howling along to the music, while his Shiba Inu friend is confused as to why he’s being so noisy. How cute that the two dogs get along and be friends despite their differences!

Samoyeds historically were used for hunting and herding in the arctic of Siberia. Their name comes from their history of herding with the Samoyed people of northern Siberia. Samoyeds are known for being alert happy dogs. They are nicknamed “smiley dog” due to them always appearing to smile. Samoyeds are excellent with other dogs are shown in this video; however, they are known to be noisy dogs, they have a tendency to bark when they are excited especially around other dogs. Despite their barking, they are friendly playful dogs are remain playful their whole lives. Samoyeds make great family dogs due to the fact that they are playful and are rarely aggressive. They have been known to be great around children, although due to their herding nature have been known to herd people into groups.

Shiba Inus are originally from the mountains of Japan. Their name when translated to English means little brushwood dog, due to their size and stature. Shiba Inus are normally very independent dogs due to their history of being hunting dogs. They are known for their spirited boldness, alertness, and good nature. Normally Shiba Inus do not get along very well with other breeds; however, we can see the opposite in this video as the two dogs play together. Shiba Inus make good family pets due to their cleanliness and because they are known for being quiet dogs. They have been known to use their paws to clean themselves like cats. They rarely make noise unless they are overcome with happiness or discomfort. We can see from this video that the Shiba Inu seems confused at the Samoyed singing along to the music due to his tendency to be calm and quiet.

Samoyeds unlike Shiba Inus like being around other dogs and are not as independent. In addition, Samoyeds are much noisier than Shiba Inus. However, from this short video we can see that even though there are differences between the dogs they remain friends. The Shiba Inu looks confused as to why the Samoyed is howling along to the music, but he seems to want to join in the fun and play with his buddy. The two seem to have a great friendship. How Wonderful!

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