The cutest little slinky dog I've ever seen!! ADORABLE

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Rumble / Dogs & Puppieshow cute would the boys look in this for Halloween. These 2 boys cosplay into slinky toy. If one goes in one direction then the other will be eventually pulled in that way
Here’s the scenario: your kids want to cosplay and go to a convention, or maybe they just want to dress up as a video game character for Halloween. Maybe you want to dress up as a family! But video game costumes can be pretty intricate. You don’t have a clue where to start
Everybody has more fun if they’re dressed up as somebody they think is cool. Choose a character you like, and make sure your kids are excited about playing their faves as well. Keep in mind that you’ll all have to walk around in these costumes, so don’t choose something you think will make you uncomfortable—this can be particularly important for female video game characters, who are often clothed in chainmail bikinis. It’s also good to start with something simple—massive wings are super awesome, but I wouldn’t try to tackle something that intense for a first try. Wait till you have a bit more experience under your belt. Even a basic dress can be a challenge if you’ve never threaded a sewing machine before! One way to figure out if something is feasible for you is to look up other cosplayers—analyze their costumes and read tutorials to see if you have the skills necessary to put it all together.

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