Baby Hedgehogs Are Adorable Balls Of Cuteness

Published September 28, 2018 1,536 Views $28.48 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThese four baby hedgehogs get ready to unroll themselves in this adorable clip. Too cute!

In this video we can see four little hedgehogs laying in the grass, three of them seem to be calm and may be asleep, but one of them is super active and he looks like he is waving at us, or it just me. The second hedgehog in the line(the one that waved at me) starts to unroll itself and he was probably going somewhere but the clips cuts before we get to see him walk, what a shame!

When a hedgehog is a baby, it is called a hoglet. They are 17 species of hedgehogs around the world and they have an expectancy of life around 10 years. The hedgehog could be living in all type of climate, hot weather and cold weather(Although the ones that live in cold climates hibernate).They weight between 100 to 1500 grams.They are born by batches of 4 to 7 and the mom goes through only 35 days of pregnancy(lucky you!), so the little guys that we can see in the video must be related, which makes it even cutter. Hedgehogs are also known to be able to dig. Hedgehogs have an average speed of 2 meters per second and can travel up to 3 kilometers per day.

Fun facts about hedgehogs, they are good for your gardens because they eat the bugs. A hedgehog that is scared will curl up on itself as a defense mechanism so its spikes are out. An adult hedgehog as around 5000 spikes and they last around a year, but not all of them simultaneously obviously! Hedgehogs have a reputation of being shy which is why we don’t see many as pets. But before thinking about getting a hedgehog pet, make sure that they are legal in your state. The hedgehog has to come from a licensed breeder and it has to be healthy, like not carrying any disease. You have to make sure to bring it home appropriately. You have to play with him every day so he can get used to you, a piece of clothing that you haven’t watched could help, but again this is the basics. They also lick themselves more particularly their quills to put some sort of a coat made from their saliva on them that irritates predators. For this last reason, you might get irritated the first few times that you handle your hedgehog. The hedgehog needs a cage that has a good size to be able to play and walk around, be careful because it can climb and get out. That they survive at different temperatures, they live the best from 22 degrees Celcius to 26, lower temperatures would send them to hibernation and it could then lead to pneumonia. Another fact about the spikes is that they are made of the same material as our fingernails! They are more related to shrews than porcupines, this is a common misconception because of their quills.

That being said, I cannot wait to see more videos about hedgehogs or other animals to review them.